Thailand Travel Restrictions

Thailand Travel Restrictions for Foreigners

Updated last July 19, 2022


This information is posted to provide information to foreign visitors traveling to Thailand towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thailand travel restrictions have undergone a dramatic change from 1st of July, 2022, and these are the latest requirements for visitors arriving in Thailand.

Is Thailand Pass Still Required

Thailand Pass was a web-based registration that allowed travelers to enter Thailand during the pandemic.

July 1, 2021 Update: Thailand Pass has been removed as an entry requirement for visitors. Travelers no longer need to apply for a Thailand Pass approval before travel.

The Thailand Pass system will remain active for the foreseeable future, but is being repurposed as a monitoring system for when foreigners are in Thailand. If a foreigner contracts Covid-19 while in the country, Thailand Pass will act as a registration and medical advice system. Travelers can register on the system and will be advised what process to follow during recovery i.e. Isolating in a hotel, or if urgent medical and hospital care is needed.

Buy a Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for anyone traveling to Thailand.

Foreigners visiting Thailand are not eligible for free medical care while in Thailand, so ensure you have adequate protection against unforeseen circumstances during your visit. Travel insurance should not only cover Covid related incidents but also personal accidents and medical care.

Most Insurance policies now include cover for Covid related incidents, so it is best to check that the policy does not have any exclusions related to medical care.

Using an international Insurance company that is based in Thailand can offer convenience, trust and a simple process in the event you need to make a claim. Travel Insurance can be purchased online in 5 minutes and a policy is emailed to the insured immediately. The AXA Sawasdee Insurance does not have a 14-day waiting period that is found in many policies, so travelers are protected from the moment they land. All major credit cards are accepted to buy Travel Insurance for travel to Thailand.

Policy cover is available for 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180 day periods. Older visitors are experiencing problems obtaining coverage, as many insurers have restricted ages for their cover. AXA Insurance has helped older travelers by extending their cover to applicants up to 79 years old.

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COVID Insurance Thailand

No Quarantine

All Quarantine entry requirements have been removed for foreign Travelers. Vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers can now enter Thailand at an international port and immediately travel domestically to their final destination.

Vaccinated travelers will need to provide evidence of a vaccination certificate before boarding an international flight.

Unvaccinated travelers will need to complete an RT-PCR or Professional Rapid Antigen Test (Pro-ATK) completed by a medical professional within 72 hours of departing their home country.

Children will enter Thailand depending on their parent’s vaccination status.

  • Children do not need to complete any tests if their parents are vaccinated.
  • Children will need to complete an RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test if entering the country with unvaccinated parents.

All foreign visitors must be able to present their vaccination certificate or test result if asked by the airline or Thai Passport Officer.

If a traveler is diagnosed with Covid-19 while in Thailand, they may be required to isolate or quarantine at their hotel or a hospital until recovered. Medical professionals will advise what must be done. Refer to Travel Insurance.

Professional Assistance with Your Travel to Thailand

Siam Legal, a law firm in Thailand offers assistance to those in need of help to coordinate their travel into the Kingdom of Thailand.

Areas in which we provide assistance:

  • Thai Visa Application: Your visa stamp authorizing your stay in Thailand for a period of time. Many options are available: tourist, business, marriage, medical, and retirement.
  • Thai Visa Extension: This is issued by Thai Immigration to extend your stay in Thailand
  • 90 Day Reporting: All foreigners must report every 90 days to Thai Immigration.
  • Thai Elite Visa: We are an authorized sales and service agent on behalf of the Thai Elite Visa program.

If you need professional assistance with your Thai visa or the preparation of your travel documents, please contact Siam Legal here.

List of Hotels in Thailand

We have compiled a list of hotels recommended by our clients. We have listened to their feedback and offer these properties because of their comments.

Bangkok Hotels
  1. The Landmark Bangkok
  2. Conrad Bangkok Hotel
  3. Courtyard by Marriott
  4. Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit
  5. Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok
Phuket Hotels
  1. Novotel Phuket Resort
  2. Trisara Phuket
  3. Banyan Tree Phuket
Pattaya Hotels
  1. Hilton Pattaya
  2. Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
  3. Pullman Pattaya Hotel G
Local Office Numbers:
Bangkok: 02-254-8900
Phuket: 07-632-6322
Chiang Mai: 05-381-8306
Pattaya: 084-021-9800
International Numbers:
US: 1-877-252-8831
Thailand: +66 7632-6322