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DIAMOND Membership

With the 20-year membership packages now only accessible via invitation - the DIAMOND membership is the closest applicants are going to get to a membership with the longest validity.

Part of the launch of Thailand Privilege memberships, the 15-year DIAMOND package leads to 15 years of stay within Thailand. This membership costs 2.5 million baht and is packed with 55 privilege points a year, a deluxe alternative to the previous Thailand Elite visas.

While far from a start-up visa, the benefits earned through this membership justifies the price. Compared to both past and present packages, the DIAMOND membership delegates the largest exclusive benefits and quality-of-life perks to its members. Not present with the Thailand Elite packages, the privilege point system was introduced alongside the Thailand Privilege overhaul, allowing for greater freedom of choice in picking which privileges to use. With 55 points, it’s possible for members to use all privileges at their disposal.

Family members can also be added to the membership, allowing them to enjoy the same exclusive benefits and privileges as the core applicant, at only 1.5 million baht.

Thailand Privilege memberships are still only considered a tourist visa program. Therefore, applicants will not be able to work in Thailand or apply for work permits. Despite this restriction, members can still enjoy flying in and out of Thailand anytime for at least 15 years, provided their visa is still valid. For simply touring the country and trying to experience all the activities, vistas, and services that Thailand has to offer, or to judge it in terms of residency and as a tourist destination; having a Thailand Privilege membership is well worth your investment.

Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership

General Overview of Diamond Membership Package

Validity: 15 years
Cost: 2.5 million Baht (approximately $69,000 USD)
Additional cost for family members: 1.5 million Baht (approximately $41,500 USD)
Privilege Points: 55 points per year
Membership Benefits:

  • At least three 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visas
  • 1 year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand with an option to extend
  • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast-tracking
  • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)
  • Access to wealth advisory sessions and seminars
  • 1-time annual health checkups, once per membership validity
  • Premium lounge, shopping assistant, parking privileges (by appointment)
  • Birthday gifts
  • Special insurance packages, such as the Personal Accident Insurance (365 days, during the first year of membership only)
  • Free night at Anantara Vacation Club (first membership year only)
  • 4-time access to exclusive co-working spaces
  • Exclusive discounts at leading restaurant and department store chains
  • Unlimited Buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets
  • Buy 1 get 1 free meal at Mos Burger (once a year)
  • 24/7 Member Contact Centre (MCC) in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean (other languages to be added in the future)
  • And many more privileges that aren't part of the main package but are purchasable with privilege points

Brand new additions compared to the Elite Visa

Feeling down over missing the application deadline to apply for either the Elite Superiority Extension or Elite Ultimate Privilege packages? Don’t fret, for the DIAMOND membership, while only offering 15 years, also adds in a lot of additional benefits and services to make the investment worth every penny. Compared to the elite visa, a lot of these membership privileges are new, added solely for the Thailand Privilege program. With such new additions, having this membership is beneficial in all sorts of ways, especially if searching for ideal visa membership packages. If you’re an expat or retiree looking to settle down in Thailand for instance, the DIAMOND Membership is an ideal investment of your money.

Privilege Points System

  • With the new system, you can use privilege points to acquire privileges of your choice, giving more decision-making power to the member.
  • Unlike previous Thailand Elite members, Thailand Privilege members aren't limited to the amount of privileges they're able to leverage. Points can be redeemed to acquire any of the privileges on offer.
  • DIAMOND members are able to acquire 55 points on an annual basis.
  • Every year, your privilege points are reset. If you think you made a mistake by using it on the wrong privilege, it will revert back to 55 points by the time the year is over.

Additional benefits not present in the old Elite Ultimate Privilege membership

  • More benefits: Members can delight in privileges not present in any of the previous Thailand Elite Visa membership packages such as advisory sessions on wealth, birthday gifts, and co-working spaces.
  • Health and wellness: Bask in additional wellness packages such as access to special insurance packages and 365 days of personal accident insurance.
  • Free hotel stays: Earn a well-deserved rest at Anantara Vacation Club branches and gain access to their services.
  • Entertainment: Indulge in new entertainment privileges such as free movie tickets and VIP seatings, early bird tickets at concerts, and access to special events.
  • Discounts: Spend less at restaurants and shopping malls with complimentary discounts.

Easier application and immigration procedures

  • For ED Visa holders: Those holding an ED Visa will be eligible to become a Thailand Privilege member, provided their visa was obtained through immigration and their educational facility is genuine.
  • For Chinese nationals: Those hailing from China will be pleased to know that they no longer have to report to Interpol and that background checks will be a lot faster.
  • For applicants in general: New applicants will have a much easier and faster time applying for a Thailand Privilege membership than with Thailand Elite Visas.

Upgradable from the Elite Ultimate Privilege membership

  • Holders of the Elite Ultimate Privilege membership will be pleased to hear that they can upgrade to a DIAMOND membership package.
    • Upgrade Fee: 100,000 Baht (approximately $2,760 USD)
    • Annual Fee: 50,000 Baht (approximately $1,380 USD
    • Validity: based on the remaining validity period on your Elite Ultimate Privilege membership.

NOTE: The upgrade services to transfer from the old elite visas to the new Thailand Privilege membership packages will commence in January 2024.

How to apply for a
Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership Package

Required Documents

  • Completed and signed the Thailand Privilege Diamond application form
  • Signed Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form
  • Passport photocopy of the applicant (in color, with passport signature on display)
  • Photo of the applicant (passport-sized, against a white background, and in color)
  • Supplementary documentation (upon request only, usually if adding a family member to the membership)

Application Process

  1. Complete the forms and send all documentation to Siam Legal. Required documents can be sent via email, WhatsApp, Line or even delivered by mail.
  2. Complete the background check assessed by the Thai Immigration authorities
  3. Await receipt of the approval letter and invoice
  4. Pay your fees to the Thailand Privilege Card
  5. Await receipt of the welcome letter and membership ID. While optional, applicants can also apply for a membership card
  6. Affix your new visa to your travel documents

Timeline and Duration

  • Total: 1 to 3 months (depending on the nationality of the applicant)
  • Background checks: between 4 to 6 weeks
  • Payment Confirmation: between 1 to 2 weeks
  • Welcome kit (welcome letter and membership ID): 5 to 10 working days
  • NOTE: Thailand Privilege has also shared that application processes from here on out will be a lot quicker than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a family member apply for this membership?
Absolutely! An applicant can request for their family member to be added on to the same exact membership plan. The core applicant pays the full fee of 2.5 million THB and then any additional family members can be added on for 1.5 million THB each.
  1. Are there any special redemption privileges for this membership?
Holding a DIAMOND membership grants you the opportunity to redeem your 55 privilege points for free domestic flights via Bangkok Airways in a way that makes everything all the more convenient for you.
  1. Do you receive any free bank account assistance, driver’s licence assistance, and 90-day reporting with the DIAMOND Membership?
Yes, but there’s a catch to this. While these privileges are offered for free to members of the Thailand Privilege Visa: DIAMOND package, you will need to use privilege points to acquire and use such privileges. For instance, if you want to stay in Thailand for a whole year, you will need to purchase the 90-day reporting privilege 4 times during that year.
  1. I am a holder of a Thai Elite Visa, can I upgrade to a DIAMOND Membership?

Yes, those holding a previous Elite Easy Access, Elite Family Alternative, Elite Privilege Access, Elite Superiority Extension and Elite Ultimate Privilege are allowed to upgrade their old membership to the new Thailand Privilege membership. Applicants can pay 100,000 THB. Additional yearly fees are also required for the primary card:

  • Elite Easy Access to DIAMOND (primary card): 125,000 THB per year
  • Elite Privilege Access to DIAMOND (primary card): -
  • Elite Family Alternative to DIAMOND (primary card): -
  • Elite Superiority Extension to DIAMOND (primary card): 100,000 THB per year
  • Elite Ultimate Privilege to DIAMOND (primary card): 50,000 THB per year

Lifetime members are granted the opportunity to switch over to a Thailand Privilege DIAMOND membership to earn 15 years validity and 55 privilege points. In addition to this, lifetime members can make the switch without having to pay upgrade fees or additional annual fees for the primary card.

  1. Is the DIAMOND Membership Card transferable?
Yes, any additional family members or friends can share the benefits with the holder of the primary DIAMOND membership card.
Siam Legal
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Why use Siam Legal?

For a smoother application process, applicants should consider hiring a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) whether in or out of Thailand to assist them with any concerns they have about the Thailand Privilege membership packages and guide them through the intake procedure. Submitting an application through a GSSA guarantees a higher level of success. As one such GSSA, Siam Legal’s team of experts is well-equipped with knowledge of Thailand Privilege and its array of offerings and is highly successful in enabling applicants to receive their memberships. As the application is entirely online, so is the consultation, therefore you do not need to book a ticket to travel to Thailand for Siam Legal to support you.

Benefits of applying through Siam Legal:

  • Free one-time consultation session for legal-related issues (1 hour)
  • Free one-time consultation session for immigration-related issues (2 hours)
  • Free one-time notary service
  • Free assistance in opening a Thai bank account
  • VIP telephone number for legal and immigration support
  • No additional fees aside from the cost of the Thailand Privilege membership package
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