Opening a Bank Account

in Thailand

Opening a bank account in Thailand offers several benefits but foreigners often find themselves having a difficult time opening one or are unsure of what they need to be eligible for an account.

Siam Legal offers and provides assistance for a smooth and hassle-free way in opening up a Thai bank account.


  • You will receive assistance in opening up a Thai savings/current account
  • You will receive a Bank book and a debit/ATM card
  • Online Banking


  • Applicants who are currently on visa exemption stamps or short-stay visas
  • Applicants who are currently in Thailand on a non-immigrant visa or extension of stay


  • Passport
  • Guarantee letter (to be provided by Siam Legal)


  • If you reside in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai, we will accompany you personally to the bank.
  • If you currently reside in the provinces, we will coordinate with the branch of the bank nearest you and set up an appointment for you to open an account. The staff at the bank will take care of you. We will mail the necessary forms that you need to submit to branch of the bank.

Our service fees are 120 USD for local currency account and 320 USD for foreign currency account. If you reside in Bangkok, it includes free consultation on Thai visa-related inquiries.

Local Office Numbers:
Bangkok: 02-259-8100
Phuket: 076-326-322
Chiang Mai: 053-818-306
Pattaya: 03-300-8830
International Numbers:
US: 1-800-816-4802
UK: 0207-101-9301
Australia: 028-015-5273
Thailand: +66 2259-8100
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Opening Thai Bank Account
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