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Back when Thailand Privilege was known as Thailand Elite, their 20-year Thai Elite membership packages were immensely popular, namely the Elite Superiority Extension which offered 20 years worth of respite in Thailand at only 1 million THB. Despite the widespread popularity, the 20-year membership came to a close on September 15, 2023.

The new Thailand Privilege program altered and influenced many changes.

Speaking from a conceptual standpoint, there is no 20-year membership for the Thailand Privilege packages. Well, one does exist, however, applicants cannot apply for it as they could with previous packages, it is instead granted solely by invitation. The invitation to apply would only be handed over to a limited pool of around only 100 people.

This is known as the fabled RESERVE membership, by far the most expensive option in Thailand Privilege history and only available to a limited number of applicants. Its high cost of 5 million THB and 120 privilege points being handed over every year made it the most opulent package. But if rewarded with that golden ticket, you can apply and are one step away from being an official RESERVE member.

Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership

General Overview of Reserve Membership Package

Validity: 20 years and over
Cost: 5 million Baht (approximately $138,000 USD)
Privilege Points: 120 points per year
Requirements: Applicants need to be invited to qualify for the membership
Membership Benefits:

  • Access to the Reserve Club
  • Personalized concierge services
  • Seasonal gifts
  • Priority services
  • Dedicated, exclusive hotline
  • Chance to test drive supercars
  • Free domestic flights
  • Accor Plus hotel membership
  • Hotel fitness
  • Annual health checkups
  • Extraordinary shopping experiences
  • Birthday river cruises
  • Co-working spaces

Brand new additions

The RESERVE membership is only granted to a limited number of applicants via invitation given its extensive range of top-of-the-line privileges. Being the lucky applicant to receive such an invitation would net you with privileges so vast and so “elite” that it treats you almost like a celebrity in Thailand. Adding on to this are benefits and perks that weren’t even available in previous memberships before the September 15 deadline.

Privilege Points System

  • This new system allows for applicants to be able to freely choose which privileges to use without feeling boxed in with a select number.
  • RESERVE members earn an outstanding 120 privilege points on an annual basis and with such a number, applicants can enjoy all the privileges on offer.
  • Year after year, these 120 points are reset, giving applicants a chance to spend on other privileges.

Additional benefits not present in all other packages, both old and new

  • Lifetime stay: Members are able to stay even beyond 20 years. After 20 years, members will receive a 5-year visa that can be constantly renewed for another 5 years at an adjusted discount.
  • Health and wellness: Access to hotel fitness facilities, health checks, etc.
  • Free hotel stays: Stay the nights at Accor Hotels and even get the chance to acquire a complimentary membership with Accor.
  • Entertainment: Birthday river cruises, seasonal gifts, and a chance to test drive a luxurious supercar.
  • Discounts: earn discounts at high-end restaurants and shopping establishments.

Changes to immigration and application proceedings

  • ED Visa holders are now eligible: No longer are applicants with such visas disqualified, so long as their ED Visa and educational institution are legitimate.
  • Faster processing for Chinese applicants: Chinese nationals no longer have to be referred to Interpol or wait longer than other nationalities during background checks.
  • Easier and quicker process for new applicants: Wait even less longer and alleviate even more stress as an already simple application becomes even simpler.

Upgradable from all previous memberships

  • Whether you were a 5-year Elite Easy Access or a 10-year Elite Family Alternative member, if you had that invitation you could upgrade, regardless of membership held.
  • Cost: 100,000 Baht (approximately $2,760 USD).
  • Annual Fee (THB): 225,000 Baht (250,000 Baht if an Elite Family Alternative membership holder).
    • In terms of USD, this would be approximately $6,200 (or approximately $6,900 if an Elite Family Alternative member).
  • Validity: based on the remaining validity period on the previous package.
    • 5 to 10-year memberships: remaining validity plus an extra 15 years
    • 20-year memberships: remaining validity

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a holder of a Thai Elite Visa, can I upgrade to a RESERVE Membership?

Previous Thai Elite Visa holders, provided they have been granted the invitation, are eligible to upgrade over to the 20-years (or more) RESERVE membership. There are also no restrictions on which Thai Elite Visa membership you must hold at the time you would like to proceed with the upgrade, as long as the invitation to apply is granted you can perform the switch.

The breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • Elite Easy Access to RESERVE: 100,000 THB to upgrade, 225,000 THB per year for the primary card
  • Elite Family Alternative to RESERVE: 100,000 THB to upgrade, 250,000 THB per year for the primary and any supplementary (for family members) cards
  • Elite Privilege Access to RESERVE: 100,000 THB to upgrade, 225,000 THB per year for the primary and any supplementary (for family members) cards
  • Elite Superiority Extension to RESERVE: 100,000 THB to upgrade, 225,000 THB per year for the primary card
  • Elite Ultimate Privilege to RESERVE: 100,000 THB to upgrade, 225,000 THB per year for the primary card, 1 million THB for supplementary cards (for family members) (no upgrade costs required for supplementary cards)
  1. Is there a limit to how many additional years I can stay after my 20 year membership expires?
There is no limit to how many years you can remain on this membership for after 20 years have passed. You will be given the opportunity to apply for an additional 5 year visa. Once that runs out, you can simply apply for another 5 year visa to stay even longer.
  1. How do the invitations work?

Invitations are issued to certain potential applicants before they’re able to apply for the Thailand Privilege Visa: RESERVE package. Once the applicant has the invitation, it's only a matter of submitting their application and making their 5 million THB membership fee.

Invitations are usually issued to around less than 100 individuals The number of RESERVE members per year will be capped at 100.

  1. Can I add any family members to this plan?

If you were invited, you have the chance to apply for a supplementary card for a family member to leverage. This is usually most common for certain previous Thai Elite Visa holders on certain membership packages, such as Elite Family Alternative (EFA), Elite Privilege Access (EPA), and Elite Ultimate Privilege (EUP) holders. The cost for acquiring supplementary cards is as follows:

  • Former EFA members: 250,000 THB per year
  • Former EPA members: 225,000 THB per year
  • Former EUP members: 1,000,000 THB per year
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Even invitees may need the assistance of a General Sales and Services Services Agent (GSSA) to assist with applying for a 20-year and over membership. Having this invitation means that this particular membership is simply a once-in-a-lifetime deal. If unsure of which GSSA to choose, consider picking Siam Legal. With a dedicated team dealing specifically with anything Thailand Privilege related, Siam Legal guarantees a higher success rate for approved applications at no extra fees aside from the fixed payment needed for the membership.

Benefits of applying through Siam Legal:

  • Free one-time consultation for immigration-related concerns (1 hour)
  • Free one-time consultation for legal-related concerns (2 hours)
  • Free one-time notary service
  • Free assistance in opening a Thai bank account
  • VIP telephone number for legal and immigration support
  • No additional fees aside from the cost of the package
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