Thailand Privilege Visa 2024

October 1, 2023, would mark a new era in Thailand Privilege history.

On Wednesday, August 30th, a formal announcement was made by Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited regarding new changes and revamps to the Thailand Elite program. At the “Live with New Possibilities” seminar, new membership packages were announced with details on the prices, the privileges, the new privilege points system, and more insights into Thailand Privilege Card’s future goals.

At the start of October, applicants are offered the opportunity to apply for new memberships and relish in all their delightful benefits. A massive advantage this had over the previous offerings is the chance for an even more simplified and quicker application journey. While Thai Elite Visas were renowned for lacking the frustrating pitfalls that befell other visa applications, Thailand Privilege would take these to greater lengths. In addition, the privilege point system was introduced, providing a way for you as the applicant to experience greater flexibility in the way you acquire perks. No longer are privileges bog-standard for each membership; applicants can redeem their points for any benefit at hand.

What are the New Memberships?

There were 4 new memberships announced for applicants. These include:

  • The 5-year Thailand Privilege GOLD Membership
  • The 10-year Thailand Privilege PLATINUM Membership
  • The 15-year Thailand Privilege DIAMOND Membership
  • The 20-year Thailand Privilege RESERVE Membership (by invitation only)

Thailand Privilege List of Memberships

Thailand Privilege Gold Membership

Gold Membership

  • Validity: 5 years
  • Cost: 900,000 THB (approximately $24,800 USD)
  • Privilege points: 20 points per year
  • Benefits:
    • A 5-year Multiple-Entry Visa
    • 1 year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand with option to extend.
    • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast tracking at the airport.
    • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA).
    • Annual health checkups (once per membership validity).
    • And more!
Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership

  • Validity: 10 years
  • Cost: 1.5 million THB (approximately $41,500 USD)
  • Additional member cost: 1 million THB (approximately $27,600 USD)
  • Privilege points: 35 points per year
  • Benefits:
    • At least two 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visas.
    • 1 year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand (with the option to extend).
    • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast tracking.
    • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA).
    • Annual health checkups (once per membership validity).
    • And more!
Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership

  • Validity: 15 years
  • Cost: 2.5 million THB (approximately $69,000 USD)
  • Additional member cost: 1.5 million THB (approximately $41,500 USD)
  • Privilege points: 55 points per year
  • Benefits:
    • At least three 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visas.
    • 1 year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand with option to extend.
    • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast tracking.
    • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA).
    • Access to wealth advisory sessions and seminars.
    • And more!
Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership

Reserve Membership

  • Validity: 20 years
  • Cost: 5 million THB (approximately $138,000 USD)
  • Privilege points: 120 points per year
  • Requirements:
    • This package is only issued to applicants via invitation
  • Benefits:
    • Access to the Reserve Club.
    • Personalized concierge services.
    • Seasonal gifts.
    • Priority services.
    • Dedicated, exclusive hotline.
    • And more!

Membership Privileges

Thailand Privilege Gold Membership
Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership
Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership
Membership Privileges

Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited has introduced a cascade of new privileges and perks for Thai Privilege membership holders to take full advantage of. The privileges have been grouped into 5 different categories: Stay, Travel, Leisure, Health & Wellbeing, and Wealth.

These unique and additional lifestyle perks include:

  • Stay: Free hotel nights, discounts on hotel dining, and real estate partner perks.
  • Travel: VIP greetings, airport transfer, airport lounges, car rentals, special deals.
  • Leisure: Shopping center personal assistants, entertainment benefits, special deals at sporting events, access to concerts.
  • Health & Wellbeing: Golf, Spa, Fitness benefits, Health checkups, Dental checkups, Aesthetic clinic benefits.
  • Wealth: Advisory on health & investment, Networking events, and Special insurance packages.

Privilege Points System

A new addition to the Thailand Privilege program is the introduction of the privilege points system. This brand new scheme allows for members to carry a certain number of privilege points per year, the amount itself depending on which membership the holder carries. Each membership provides a series of points per year that would reset the moment the following year begins (for instance GOLD members are entitled to 20 privilege points each year). Privilege points are often redeemable for either 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points (or more) each.

1 Point

  • Buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets at leading cinemas
  • Hotel and chain fitness access
  • Complimentary nights or dining at leading hotel establishments
  • Airport transfer and lounges
  • Health, spa, and wellness packages at leading hospitals
  • Buy 1 get 1 or up to 50% discount on dining

2 Points

  • Golf course packages
  • VIP Sport Tournament Tickets
  • Luxury Car Airport Transfers
  • Dental Services and Health Check Packages

3 Points

  • Domestic Airline Ticket (round trips)
  • World-class Concert and Event Tickets
  • Private Tour and Activities
  • Long-haul Airport Transfer
  • Health Check and Wellness Packages

Thailand Privilege Visa Qualifications

To be fully qualified for the Thailand Privilege Membership program, the applicant must have:

  • No overstays on their travel record within 3 years
  • Be granted the right to reside in Thailand according to Thai immigration law and any other related Thai law
  • Be a holder of a foreign passport from an eligible country or a visa holder in Thailand (Thai volunteer visa holders are not eligible)
  • Have no criminal offences or blacklists on record
  • Be required to provide medical documentation proving the applicant is of sound mind
  • At least a 1 year validity on your travel document/passport
  • Approval of a Thailand Privilege application by the Thai Immigration Department
  • To disclose visa information and supporting documents (when requested) if holding a Non-O (volunteer), ED, or Non-Imm (medical treatment) visa
  • Not be a member of any of the restricted territories:
    • Asia: North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan
    • Middle East: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Yemen
    • Africa: Central Africa, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea of the Congo, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan
    • NOTE: if you are a member of any of these countries and you want to acquire the Thai Elite Visa, we still encourage you to reach out to one of Siam Legal’s immigration consultants for support

Thailand Privilege Application Process

  • Complete and sign the application form for the membership of your choice
  • Submit your application form, PDPA form, passport photocopy, and photo of yourself. Required documents can be sent via email, WhatsApp, Line or even delivered by mail.
  • Await the successful completion of your background check assessed by Thai Immigration Authorities.
  • Await delivery of the approval letter and payment invoice
  • Pay your fees directly to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.
  • Await delivery of your Welcome Letter and Membership ID. While optional, members can also apply for a physical membership card.
  • Affix the visa sticker to your passport at a Thai international airport (if abroad), Royal Thai Embassy (if abroad), or Thai Immigration Office at Chaeng Wattana in Bangkok

Timeline of Application Process

  • The timeline for the whole application process is estimated to be between 1 to 3 months.
  • The background check will take between 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Payment confirmation: 1 to 2 weeks. Applications also have 30 days after receiving their approval letter and invoice to make a payment.
  • Delivery of approval letters, invoices, membership IDs, and welcome letters to the applicant: around 5-10 working days.

What documents to submit?

Thailand Privilege Required Documents
  • Application form for the package (filled and signed by the applicant)
  • PDPA form (signed by the applicant)
  • Applicant’s passport (photocopy in color with passport signature on display)
  • Passport-sized photo of the applicant (in color and against a white background)
  • Supplementary documentation (upon request only, usually if adding a family member to the membership).

How to pay?

Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited accepts payment through various means:

  • Credit card or debit card
  • Mobile banking
  • Banking transfer
  • Alipay
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cash (must be in Thai Baht and deposited through a Krung Thai bank only)
How to pay

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can family members be added to a Thailand Privilege membership?
Yes, family members can be added on for a certain fee:
  • GOLD: 900,000 THB fee per additional family member.
  • PLATINUM: 1,000,000 THB fee per additional family member.
  • DIAMOND: 1,500,000 THB fee per additional family member.
  1. Are there any changes to the application process?

No, applicants would be able to apply for the new Thailand Privilege membership schemes the same way they were able to apply for a Thai Elite Visa in the past.

To apply, simply submit the following documents:

  • Application form (completed and signed)
  • PDPA Form (signed)
  • Photocopy of passport (in colour, with passport signature shown and signature matching that which is on the forms)
  • Passport-sized photo of the applicant (in colour, against a white background)

And as usual, applicants will be taken through the following stages:

  • Submit the application.
  • Await successful assessment of the background check.
  • Receive the approval letter and invoice.
  • Submit a payment over to Thailand Privilege Card (TPC) as indicated by the instructions on the invoice.
  • Await receipt of the welcome letter and membership ID.
  • Affix the new visa to your passport.
  1. Are there any age/financial/education/employment requirements?
Applicants will be happy to learn that applying for a Thai Privilege Membership has no financial, age, education, or employment requirements that need to be met.
  1. How does the privilege points system benefit members?

Every membership comes with a certain number of privilege points that can be used every year, benefitting members by:

  • Granting more freedom of choice to members when choosing which benefits to pick and make use of.
  • The amount of points required for a certain privilege are very low and often members can find themselves only spending between 1 to 3 points per benefit.
  • Every year the points reset back to default for each membership package. This means if you didn’t get the benefit you wanted one year, you can redeem your points for it the subsequent year.
  1. How many points are required for each benefit?

The distribution of points is as follows:

  • 1 point: used to purchase privileges such as airport transfers, complimentary dining nights, spa packages, access to hotel fitness centres, buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets.
  • 2 points: used to acquire privileges such as airport transfers via luxury vehicles, dental checkups, health checks, golfing discounts, and tickets to sporting events.
  • 3 points: domestic roundtrip flights, airport transfers for longer hauls, private tours, health checkups, and tickets to worldclass concerts.
  1. What’s the difference between the old Thailand Elite packages and the newer Thailand Privilege packages?

The differences are mostly in terms of pricing, types of memberships on offer, the benefits available for each, and the fact that the new membership packages make use of the new privilege points system.

Thailand Privilege Memberships also include new, additional privileges not present with the old Thailand Elite Visa program. This includes:

  • Free VIP seating and movie ticket deals
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Access to co-working spaces and networking events
  • Events and special gifts on birthdays and on a seasonal basis
  • The ability to rent private jets, yachts and boats
  • Wealth advisory seminars
  1. Do holders of a Thailand Privilege Visa gain access to an Elite Personal Liaison?

Yes, as a member you have the right to consult a Thailand Privilege staff for support on your needs. However, privilege points will need to be spent on this.

The Elite Personal Liaison can assist with:

  • 90-day reporting
  • Guidance on how to open a Thai bank account
  • Guidance on how to acquire a Thai driver’s licence
  • Other government-related services
  1. Are holders of an ED Visa or Volunteer Visa still disqualified from applying for a membership?

Holders of an ED Visa will be happy to know that Thailand Privilege will be considering them as qualified applicants, provided there is evidence that the applicant’s ED Visa was obtained through legal means and the educational system they were enrolled at is legitimate.

There is currently no news on how volunteer visa holders will be treated under the new program, so applicants with these visas on-hand or having had one in the past should stay tuned.

  1. As a holder of an old Thai Elite membership, can I upgrade to a new membership scheme?

Anyone with a Thai Elite Visa can choose to upgrade to one of the newer Thailand Privilege schemes for access to the new privileges.

Members will be able to upgrade their membership once January 2024 rolls around. More news on how this works will be released once the date nears.

  1. Are there any changes to the list of concerned nationalities and restricted countries?

So far, there aren’t many changes to which countries are no longer or are now restricted from applying for a Thailand Privilege visa. The country that technically benefits the most from these cascades of new changes is China, due to a number of reasons:

  • Chinese nationals are no longer forced to undergo criminal record/background checks that are lengthier than those from other nationalities.
  • Chinese applicants are no longer required to reach out to Interpol first.

Other nationalities remain the same, though Thailand Privilege has specified that there will be changes on the horizon.

  1. Can I apply for a physical membership card?

Yes you can. After earning your membership ID and welcome letter, you will be able to apply for a membership card. This is an entirely separate application and completely optional for the new Thailand Privilege member. There are two benefits to having this document:

  • Members can provide physical proof of their Thailand Privilege membership to their friends, family and co-workers.
  • Some establishments may require membership cards as physical manifestations of a member’s membership status. Presenting this to that establishment will prevent you from being possibly turned away.

Membership cards can be sent either by mail to your address in Thailand or you can pick it up at the Thailand Privilege desk at the airport (same location you affixed your new visa to your travel document).

  1. Do I receive the same immigration benefits as with Thai Elite?

Members do earn the same benefits when it comes to the lack of needing a re-entry permit, bank account assistance, driver licence assistance, being able to hire an agent for free for your 90-day reporting, and no need for annual fees every year.

However, the introduction of the privilege point system does mean that now a lot of these are only obtainable through privilege points. You may need to redeem privilege points to obtain the following perks:

  • Free bank account assistance
  • Free driver licence assistance
  • Free agent to support you with your 90-day reporting
  • Other government benefits

With the Thailand Elite, a lot of the above were baseline.

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