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In September 2023, the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited announced the new PLATINUM membership to the public. Thailand Privilege Card, formerly known as Thailand Elite, intended this 10-year membership as an ideal choice for foreigners looking to take their journey throughout the Land of Smiles beyond 5 years or to turn Thailand into a second home.

At only 1.5 million Baht, members are granted access to even more benefits and privileges compared to the previous Thailand Elite memberships. Newer privileges are meticulously designed to enhance one’s enjoyment of Thailand and all its activities and landmarks. With the new privilege points system, members will no longer find themselves restricted and can spend points on any available privileges. Like the Elite Visa, applying is more streamlined compared to other visas, with no additional fees or re-entry permits, making travel more convenient.

Primary applicants are also given the opportunity to invite their family members at 1 million baht per applicant, granting them company in Thailand to enjoy their time with; no longer are specific family packages such as the Elite Family Alternative needed.

Given the deadline in September has passed, Thailand Privilege memberships have been elevated to entice those missing the already renowned Thailand Elite Visas. The PLATINUM membership aims to illuminate your view of Thailand for the best and with enough time, perhaps it would influence you to establish residency in Thailand sometime in the future.

Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership

General Overview of Platinum Membership Package

Validity: 10 years
Cost: 1.5 million Baht (approximately $41,500 USD)
Additional cost for family members: 1 million Baht (approximately $27,600 USD)
Privilege Points: 35 points per year
Membership Benefits:

  • At least two 5-year renewable, multiple-entry visas
  • 1 year Permit to Stay per Entry to Thailand (with the option to extend)
  • Unlimited access to Premium Lane for immigration fast-tracking
  • Unlimited access to an Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)
  • Annual health checkups (once per membership validity)
  • One night stay at Anantara Vacation Club (during 1st year of membership only)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (180 days, during 1st year of membership only)
  • Premium Lounge, parking privileges, and shopping assistant (via appointment)
  • Unlimited buy-1-get-1-free movie tickets
  • Once a month buy-1-get-1-free meals at Mos Burger chains
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Investment and wealth advisory sessions
  • Discounts at leading restaurants and department stores
  • 24/7 Member Contact Centre (MCC) in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean (other languages to be added in the future)
  • And other privileges to amplify your already merriment journey in Thailand, provided you have enough privilege points to redeem

Brand new additions compared to the Elite Visa

With various new benefits added to the mix, the Thailand Privilege PLATINUM Membership is considered an upgrade over not only the Thailand Privilege GOLD Membership, but even the previous Elite Privilege Access Membership, the Elite Family Alternative Membership, and the Elite Superiority Extension Membership. While the old Thailand Elite Visa packages have been rendered obsolete after mid-September, this new membership rewards enough additional privileges to justify the investment.

Privilege Points System

  • This is a new system in place that the old elite visas discontinued in mid-September lacked. Members can now choose any privileges regardless of their membership, so long as they have the available points to spend on said privileges.
  • Members can use these points to decide on a privilege, granting more freedom of choice over all the exclusive privileges at their fingertips.
  • PLATINUM members are entitled to 35 points per year, all of which are usable for any of the available privileges on offer.
  • Annually, privilege points are reset. If you spent 15 points in one year, you will have 35 in total by the start of the new year.

Additional benefits not present in the old Elite Easy Access membership

  • Health and wellness: Ease your doctor visits with extra wellness privileges such as annual health checkups, 180 days of personal accident insurance, and complimentary spa benefits.
  • Free hotel night: Within your 1st membership year, make your first year a special one with a free night stay at Anantara Vacation Club.
  • Entertainment: Enjoy some rest and relaxation with entertainment privileges such as free movie tickets, special VIP seating at cinemas, and benefits at golf courses.
  • Discounts: Save money at various high-end restaurants and top-of-the-range department stores.

Easier application and immigration procedures

  • For ED Visa holders: Those with an ED Visa can quell all concerns, as applicants holding one are eligible given that their education institution and visa are legitimate.
  • For Chinese nationals: Chinese applicants no longer have to be referred to Interpol and background checks will be about as long as any other nationality.
  • Simplified application: Incoming applicants are able to apply for their choice of membership in an easier and hassle-free manner. If you thought the elite visa application was swift enough, the new membership application would take this one step further.

Upgradable from Elite Privilege Access, Elite Family Alternative, and Elite Superiority Extension memberships

  • Those holding any of these previous Thailand Elite membership packages will be eligible to upgrade to a PLATINUM membership package for a small fee in Thai Baht.
    • Upgrade Fee: 100,000 Baht (approximately $2,760 USD)
    • Annual Fee: 75,000 Baht (approximately $2,070 USD
    • Validity: based on the remaining validity period of the old package.

How to apply for a
Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership Package

Required Documents

  • Completed and signed PLATINUM Membership application form
  • Signed Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form
  • Passport photocopy (in color with a visible passport signature)
  • Photo of applicant (passport-sized and in color)
  • Supplementary documentation (only by request, usually if you're adding family members to the program)
  • NOTE: Signatures on the application and PDPA forms must match the signatures on the applicant's passport.

Application Process

  1. Complete the application form for the Thailand Privilege package of your choice and send all documentation to Siam Legal’s Thailand Privilege team.
  2. Complete the background check assessed by the Thai Immigration authorities.
  3. Await receipt of the approval letter and invoice.
  4. Pay your membership fees to Thailand Privilege Card.
  5. Await receipt of the welcome letter and membership ID from Thailand Privilege. While optional, members can also request a membership card.
  6. Affix your Thai Elite Visa to your travel documents.
  7. Relish in all the benefits and privileges provided by your new membership.

Timeline and Duration

  • Total: 1 to 3 months (depending on nationality)
  • Background checks: between 4 to 6 weeks
  • Payment Confirmation: between 1-2 weeks
  • Welcome kit (welcome letter and membership ID): 5 to 10 working days
  • NOTE: Thailand Privilege has shared that the application process may be even faster than with the previous Thailand Elite memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a family member apply for this membership?
Yes. Family members can be added on to the membership after the core member has applied for it. The core member pays the full fee of 1.5 million THB and the additional family member can be added on as an official member for 1 million THB.
  1. Do you receive any free bank account assistance, driver’s licence assistance, and 90-day reporting with the PLATINUM Membership?
While hiring an Elite Personal Liaison to assist you in opening a bank account or acquire a driver licence as well as getting support from a Thailand Privilege staff member in doing your 90-day reporting for you on your behalf, this privilege is not baseline and will need to be purchased using privilege points. This means that if you are staying in Thailand for a whole year, you will need to purchase a 90-day reporting privilege 4 times within that single year.
  1. I am a holder of a Thai Elite Visa, can I upgrade to a PLATINUM Membership?
Yes. Those holding an Elite Easy Access, Elite Family Alternative, Elite Privilege Access or Elite Superiority Extension membership are eligible to upgrade from the old visa scheme to a new, more enhanced 10-year plan. Applicants will need to pay 100,000 THB for the upgrade fee from their old Thai Elite Visa package to the new Thailand Privilege membership. There are also additional fees involved as yearly fees of 75,000 THB are a requirement for the primary card.
  1. Is the PLATINUM Membership Card transferable?
Yes, any additional family members or friends can share the benefits with the holder of the primary PLATINUM membership card.
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Why use Siam Legal?

For a smoother application process, applicants should consider hiring a General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) whether in or out of Thailand to assist them with any concerns they have about the Thailand Privilege membership packages and guide them through the intake procedure. Submitting an application through a GSSA guarantees a higher level of success. As one such GSSA, Siam Legal’s team of experts is well-equipped with knowledge of Thailand Privilege and its array of offerings and is highly successful in enabling applicants to receive their memberships. As the application is entirely online, so is the consultation, therefore you do not need to book a ticket to travel to Thailand for Siam Legal to support you.

Benefits of applying through Siam Legal:

  • Free one-time consultation session for legal-related issues (1 hour)
  • Free one-time consultation session for immigration-related issues (2 hours)
  • Free one-time notary service
  • Free assistance in opening a Thai bank account
  • VIP telephone number for legal and immigration support
  • No additional fees aside from the cost of the Thailand Privilege membership package
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