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Translation and Legalization in Thailand

When applying for a Thai or foreign visa, marriage registration as well as for some legal cases and attestation from the Embassy for use abroad, relevant documents may be required to be translated and legalized before submitting them. This process can be challenging when attempting to understand entirely new laws and regulations different from the ones you are used to back home.

Foreigners planning on visiting or even residing in Thailand may encounter a situation where they would need to get a document translated or legalized for personal, business, or immigration needs. This page sheds some light on when and why a document would need to be translated and certified.

Why is translation and legalization required?

There are some scenarios that foreigners would be required to search for a translation and legalization service.

Here are some circumstances where they may encounter this scenario:

  • When partaking in a court case
  • When signing contracts and agreements with government entities.
  • When needing to apply for a visa while in the country
  • When applying for a license while in the country
  • For applications pertaining to property and residency in Thailand

There are multiple different reasons why translation or legalization is required:

  • Some foreign documents are neither in Thai nor in English. Therefore, these must be translated to make sure it is readable.
  • Legalization is needed to verify and legitimize documents that have been signed, stamped, and sealed.
  • As English is still considered a secondary language in Thailand, some governing/immigration bodies or officers may need a document translated into Thai to be able to read it.
  • Translation and legalization are required for clarity and to comply with Thai law.
  • Before a non-English or non-Thai document can be legalized, it needs to be translated into either Thai or English.

Examples of documents requiring translating and legalizing

Here are some examples of documents that may need to be translated or authenticated:

  • Personal documents: ID cards, marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates, name change documents, education degrees, and transcripts.
  • Travel/Immigration documents: Passports, work permits, visa applications, and foreign licenses.
  • Legal documents: Court orders, affidavits, legal notices, and proof of lawsuit documents.
  • Business documents: Business certificates, list of stocks, list of shareholders, corporate agreements, and financial statements.
  • Property documents: Proof of residency documents, residence permits, title deeds, ownership certificates, and due diligence reports.
  • Contractual documents: Last will and testament documents, sale and purchase agreements, residence contracts, and lease agreements.

What Siam Legal can offer you?

As a leading law firm in Thailand, Siam Legal offers top-tier, premier legalization and translation services. Here is why you should consider Siam Legal as your go-to point of contact for all your translation and legalization needs.

  1. Multicultural: Our office is very multicultural, and our staff are fluent in both English and Thai. Documents can be translated into the following languages:
    • Thai
    • English
    • Chinese (by request only)
  2. Straightforward and Accurate: Reaching out to Siam Legal to have a document translated or legalized is an easy process. To get started, send over the requested document to the relevant department and we’ll begin the translation process. We will also review the document thoroughly to ensure it is legitimate and acceptable for immigration and legal purposes.
  3. Affordable Pricing: We offer cheap rates for our services and you will be able to pay for these while keeping your wallets full.
  4. Notarization Services Offered: Legalization is usually performed by an Embassy, Consulate, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but as documents often need to be notarized before undergoing legalization, our team can perform this task. Notarizing a document is relatively cheap and will be completed for you within a day.
  5. Special Incentives: Earn discounts and complimentary benefits by using our legal services. For instance, using Siam Legal as the official GSSA for your Thailand Privilege application will entitle you to a free notary service for at least one document.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions that need answering, please do not hesitate to reach out to a professional for assistance. At Siam Legal, we have staff on hand with a full spectrum of knowledge on translation and legalization and can help point you in the right direction.

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