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Property Rights in Thailand for Foreigners

Thailand Condo
  • Beware of development companies who appoint their own managers as this might create problems later as everything might not be transparent.
  • Also be aware of the Condominium Act in Thailand which sets down certain rules and regulations for condominiums. Check your rights in the Property Rights in Thailand section of this website.

Selling your Condominium

Selling your Condo
  • A number of things can go wrong in a sale of your condominium, the worst being the failure of your buyer to complete. See our section on selling your condo in Thailand.
  • There is an easy 4 step plan listed to guide you through the steps on selling your condo, called Condo Resale. A number of things can go wrong in a sale of your condominium.

Renting a Condo in Thailand

Renting Property
  • Many were smart enough to have anticipated the immense benefits of property investments in Thailand perhaps in their first or second visit in the country.
  • Ensure that you know your condominium rights in Thailand. There are no tenant protection schemes in Thailand like they would have in the UK.

Re-selling Your Condo in Thailand

Reselling Property
  • Drafting your sale agreement is also important as one of the many pitfalls is that at times buyers do not complete the transaction.
  • Things to also consider are the viability of using an estate agent, the costs of a non performing buyer and any potential financial losses in a worst case scenario. See also re-selling your condo in Thailand.

Your Property Rights

Condominium Rights
  • In you are considering or have already purchased a condominium unit in Thailand, consider what rights you have and which laws are applicable to you.
  • Know your condominium rights in Thailand. If you wish you can either download the publication or view it online. See also the property rights in Thailand article.

Buying Off-plan in Thailand

Buying Offplan

It is always best to contact a reputable attorney in Thailand when wanting to buy into a pre-construction project so that the attorneys can provide you with legal advice and direction as to the development. See the article on buying off-plan in Thailand.

Thailand Your Second Home

Thailand Second Home

Make sound investments in Thailand in the form of property and quickly reap rewards. This kind of investment acquires property for the purpose of affording you the same convenience that your first home provides but during a vacation or for retirement a home. Thinking about property investment in Thailand today.

Mortgage Bonds in Thailand

Mortgage Bonds in Thailand

There are other options for obtaining local financing from domestic banks in Thailand but they are not usually available to non-residents and therefore are often more difficult to obtain. Consult our property lawyers about mortgage bonds in Thailand and who issues them.

Property Investments

Thailand Property Investments

Thai property can potentially yield strong rental returns particularly in main cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai and in well developed tourist destinations such as Hua Hin, Phuket and Pattaya. Consult our property lawyers about investing in property in Thailand today.

Escrows in Thailand

Escrows in Thailand
  • An escrow is designed particularly with consumer protection in mind safeguarding your rights should anything go wrong before the transfer of the property.
  • Nevertheless, an escrow system does offer equal protection to all parties involved. Consult our property lawyers about Escrows in Thailand and its uses.

Under-declaring Your Property

Under-declaring Property

A day before the transaction with the seller, your estate agent gives you a call and tells you that the money for the stamp duties and registration, which you are paying in equal shares with the seller, are just one-tenth of what you thought they were. Under-declaring your property has problems in its own right.

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