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If you are hoping to travel to the United States for a temporary period or take up permanent residence in the country, you must first acquire a US visa. The purpose of your intended visit (and other facts) will determine what type of visa is needed under US Immigration Law. Each of these visa categories have unique eligibility requirements that you must meet in order to be approved.

Careful planning and research are required to ensure you are not only approved for the visa of your choice but also that you receive your visa in a timely fashion. Immigration forms and their requirements may appear simple, but a small error on the form or a missing document in the packet can result in long delays or even rejection of your visa application. The delays or rejections caused by an error cost you time and money and may result in irreparable harm to any further visa applications you put forward.

Siam Legal has over 20 years of experience in handling challenging immigration cases, and we’ve achieved over 10,000 successful US visa applications. When you partner with us to guide your application, your case will be reviewed by a licensed, American attorney supported by a team of experienced paralegals. You’ll get all the important facts, as well as an honest assessment of your application to determine if you have a good chance of success so as to not waste your time and money.

Should you apply with the assistance of a Siam Legal US visa agent, you can rest assured that your application packet will be meticulously checked and prepared by our whole team to avoid any possibility of error. We’ll also communicate clearly, promptly, and directly with you, either in Thai or in English as you prefer, and provide total peace of mind at every step of your application process.

The Siam Legal team is knowledgeable and can provide assistance with all major kinds of US visas. Select a visa type below to learn more.

B1 and B2 US Visa

These visas are intended for those who wish to enter the United States for purposes of short-term business trips under the B-1 visa, or for pleasure, tourism, or medical purposes under the B-2 visa.

K1 U.S. Fiancee Visa

A K-1 Visa is a US Visa that allows you, as an American, to take your Thai fiance/fiancé to the United States with the intention to get married within 90 days of arrival in the country.

K3 U.S. Spouse Visa

A K-3 Visa is a US Visa that allows the spouses of US citizens to unite with their husband or spouse in the United States while waiting for their US immigration status to be processed.

K2 and K4 Visa

The K-2 non-immigrant visa allows the child of a K-1 fiancé visa holder to enter into the US and await the availability of an immigrant visa. The K-4 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows the children of a K-3 spouse visa holder to enter into the US and await the availability of an immigrant visa. This is one of the benefits of the K-1/K-3 visa – it allows derivative beneficiary.

CR1 U.S. Visa

The CR-1 spousal visa is an immigrant visa issued to an alien who wishes to enter the US to live and stay with their US citizen or permanent resident spouse. The "CR" from CR-1 stands for "conditional resident" and is applicable to couples who’ve been married for less than 2 years.

IR1 U.S. Visa

The IR-1 spousal visa is an immigrant visa issued to an alien who wishes to enter the US to live and stay with their US citizen or permanent resident spouse. The "IR" from IR-1 stands for immediate relative and is applicable for couples who’ve been married for 2 years or longer.

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Other U.S. Immigration-related Services

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status is the procedure for aliens to change from a non-immigrant status to an immigrant status without leaving the United States. Those who adjust their status become a lawful US Permanent Resident. The alien is required to have been inspected, admitted, or paroled into the United States.

I-601 Waiver Application Assistance

(Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility)
This waiver is for applicants for a non-immigrant "K" visa who are currently in Thailand and who were found "inadmissible" after their interview with a consular officer. It is still possible for some applicants who have been denied admission to the United States to enter the country by processing an Application for Waiver based on qualifying extreme hardship. Applicants may apply for an I-601 Waiver if their Ground of Inadmissibility falls under certain categories.

Due to the nature of this waiver process, it is strongly recommended that applicants contact the Siam Legal team for a consultation before applying.

Important Things to Remember

The requirements for each kind of US visa depend primarily on the purpose of travel to the US. However, most visas share some general requirements, including:

  • You must have a valid, machine-readable passport for travel to the United States. The validity date must be at least 6 months beyond your intended period of stay.
  • You must meet all program requirements and provide all required documents based on the visa category that you wish to apply for.
  • Attend an interview at the US Embassy in person.

Some visa applications require additional special clearances or administrative processing.

What can Siam Legal do for you?

Our firm can provide you with a wide spectrum of services, including but not limited to:

  • Consultation with our Immigration Specialist to provide you with sound and legal advice on the process of application
  • Preparation of primary and supporting documents required for the visa category
  • Filing of application to the respective agencies
  • Access to a knowledgeable American immigration attorney
  • Contacting the US embassy on your behalf
  • Embassy interview preparation
  • Assistance with the police clearance report and medical examination, when appropriate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a K-1 visa a single-entry or multiple-entry visa?

The US K-1 Visa is a single entry visa, and there is a specific time frame when you must use the visa and enter the US.

Can my fiancé bring their child on a K-1 Visa? If yes, what type of visa do they need to apply for?

Yes, they need to apply for a K-2 visa which is a derivative of the K-1 Visa. Both the K-1 Visa and K-2 visa applicants will proceed together to the visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok. The child must not be older than 21 years old.

After the K-1 visa is approved, does my fiancé need to travel to the US immediately?

No, they don’t have to. They can travel to the US within 6 months from the date the visa was issued.

When does the 90-day validity period for the K-1 visa begin?

The 90 days starts upon arrival in the US. Within the 90-day period, the US citizen and Thai fiancé must get married in order to adjust their immigration status in the US.

Can my fiancé work in the US on a K-1 Visa?

Yes, after your marriage in the US, your fiancé will need to apply for a work authorization permit so they can work legally in the US while you are doing the application for Adjustment of Status.

Do we need to meet face to face before we can apply for a K-1 fiancé Visa?

Yes. You and your Thai fiancé must have met face-to-face within the last 2 years. It is recommended that you keep photos together and other evidence of the relationship when applying for the visa.

Can my Thai fiancé travel to the US while waiting for their K-1 Visa?

Yes. Your Thai fiancé can travel to the US without any problem as long as they have a valid US Tourist Visa. Their leisure trip to the US will not have a detrimental effect on their K-1 Visa application.

My fiancé cannot travel to the US because their K-1 visa has expired. Can they extend it or do we need to apply for a new visa?

If the K-1 visa of your fiancé has expired, you need to contact the US Embassy to re-issue the visa. The US embassy might request that you pay additional fees and update the necessary documents that you submitted when you applied for the visa.

Can I still apply for a K-1 Visa if we are already married in Thailand?

If you are already married legally in Thailand, you can no longer apply for a K-1 Visa. You need to apply for a spouse visa such as K-3 Visa or CR-1 Visa.

How long does the process take if I apply for an I-130 visa for my spouse?

The processing time takes up to a year.

Does my fiancé need to have a criminal background check before applying for a K-1 Visa?

Yes, the US Embassy in Bangkok requires a police clearance certificate from Thailand and other jurisdictions where your fiancé has lived for more than 6 months.

How long can my fiancé stay in the US on a K-1 Visa?

Your fiancé can stay in the US for 90 days only, and you need to get married within this period.

If we did not get married in the US on a K-1 Visa, can my fiancé extend their visa so they can stay longer?

As a requirement in applying for a K-1 Visa, you need to get married within 90 days of arriving. If you did not get married within this timeframe, your fiancé needs to leave the country before the K-1 Visa expires.

How long is the process for applying for a K-1 fiancé Visa?

The processing time is between 6-8 months, which includes all the stages pertaining to the application process at the USCIS, the National Visa Center, and the US Embassy in Thailand.

How many years of tax returns does the US Embassy require when applying for a K-1 fiancé Visa?

The US Embassy in Thailand requires the petitioner to present the last three years of tax returns.

My fiancé’s child is 22 years old. Can they bring their child on a K-2 Visa?

No, they cannot bring their child on a K-2 Visa derivative. Any K-2 visa applicant must be unmarried and no older than 21 at the time of visa issue.

My spouse and I have been married for over 2 years. Do I need to apply for a CR-1 or an IR-1 Visa?

In this case, your spouse is eligible for an IR-1 ("Immediate Relative") visa.

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