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The basic principle of the Thai law constitutionally prohibits foreigners from owning land or property except unless granted through regulated structured affairs. As discussed in other sections of this website, there are alternatives to outright ownership of property in Thailand. Although the governing laws are pretty well straightforward and simply need to be understood and observed, the legal process required to meet the Thai laws may conjure up perplexity and confusion to many, especially the foreign investors.

Getting legal assistance from a reputable firm that will act in your interest can provide a number of advantages to make moving into Thailand a transition with much less difficulty and complications. Feel free to browse through the services we handle on your behalf.

Title Search

Real estate investments involve a large amount of capital and every investor would want to secure that every bit of their money goes to the right place. People who are not new in making property investments understand the importance of doing TItle Search. There have been numerous land reform initiatives in Thailand over the past years, and employing this service before making any property purchase will help eliminate fraudulent and unlawful transactions in the industry.

Due Diligence

This service is employed basically to further give grounds for the eligibility of both the property and the sellers the investors are dealing with. Due Diligence aims to acquire more information about the piece of property through physical inspection on the land, inspection of building permits and local courts record review of the seller or developer.

Contract Review

The standard contract of sale in Thailand may oftentimes not give an expounded detail of the buyer's and seller's rights and obligations. To anticipate any possible errors or issues on the legalities and completeness of a contract, foreign investors can greatly benefit from getting Contract Review by a property lawyer.

Transfer of Title

While it is important to pay attention on the preliminary process involved in a property purchase, the transfer of property title requires more careful heed and understanding. This is to administer awareness of all the fees, aside from the base purchase price of the property, which include different taxes and transfer fees.

Our property lawyers can give suitable advice on the fitting property investment avenue which is specific to our every clients. You may contact us anytime and see what we can do to assist with your investments in the Thai Real Estate Market.

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