I-601 Waiver Application Assistance

Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

A foreign national who has been deemed "inadmissible" is not permitted by law to enter or remain in the U.S.

Who Can File an I-601 Waiver?

If you are an applicant for a non-immigrant "K" visa who is currently in Thailand, had a visa interview with a consular officer and was found inadmissible due to any of the following grounds:

Grounds of Inadmissibility
  • Communicable disease of public health significance;
  • Physical/mental disorder and harmful behaviors;
  • Controlled substance violation;
  • Prostitution, human or sex trafficking;
  • Spies and terrorists who are threat to national security;
  • Previously deported, unlawful entry, committed fraud and misrepresentation to enter U.S.;
  • Likelihood of becoming a public charge;
  • Polygamy;
  • Child abduction;
  • Smugglers;
  • Money laundering;
  • Student visa abuses.

It is still possible for some applicants who have been denied admission to the United States to process an Application for Waiver based on qualifying extreme hardship. You may apply for an I-601 Waiver, granted that your Ground of Inadmissibility falls under those that may be waived. Siam Legal can assist ineligible applicants to submit I-601 Waiver.

Purpose of the Waiver

This waiver application will demonstrate that the U.S. citizen and the K visa applicant will suffer extreme hardship upon refusal of admission to the U.S. of the latter. This waiver will also show that the applicant’s undesirability is outweighed by social and humane considerations.

Documents Check List

  • Proof of citizenship status of the U.S. qualifying relative;
  • Proof of relationship between the U.S. qualifying relative and applicant such as cards, letters, emails, visits, photos etc.;
  • Proof of commitment to community such as letters, awards, memberships, social media presence, etc.;
  • School or work records such as school transcript or resume;
  • Medical history;
  • Financial information and documents;
  • Evidence of property ownership;
  • Statement detailing extreme hardship.
I-601 Waiver Application

Package includes:

  • Consultation
  • Preparation of I-601 Waiver Application
  • Collection of Data from Applicant
  • Supporting Document Advice
  • Collection of Data from Sponsor
  • Filing of Application
  • Lawyer Accessibility
  • Embassy Forms Preparation
  • Contact with U.S. Embassy
  • Embassy Interview Preparation

Note: Government fees are not included in the package.

Filing Fee

The government filing fee for Form I-601 as of 2015 October: $585

Note: We do not guarantee the waiver approval.

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International Numbers:
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