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If a US citizen has been married for less than two years when his or her foreign spouse become a lawful permanent resident in the US, then the foreign spouse gets residence on a conditional basis through the CR-1 (Conditional Residence) visa. The CR-1 is valid for two years following the entry date to the US.

Within 90 days prior to the expiration of the two-year residence period (from the date of the foreign spouse's entry), the US citizen, together with the spouse, must apply to USCIS to remove the condition to the residence.

Should We Apply for a K3 Visa or CR-1 Visa?

Under the category of Immigrant visa for a foreign spouse of a US citizen, there are types of visa which can be applied for. Aside from the CR-1, the other usual option is the K3 visa. It is important, therefore, to contemplate on the different factors when deciding which visa is the more appropriate.

The K3 and CR-1 differs in the timeline for the whole application process. If you wish to bring your spouse to the US sooner, then the K3 visa route is the option to take. K3 visa application processes are several months faster than that of CR-1 applications.

However, if you are intending to acquire a green card for your spouse, you will have to consider the time that the adjustment of status will take to complete. It is also more costly in the long run. On a CR-1 visa, the foreign spouse immediately gets legal permanent residency upon entry to the US.

K3 visa holders are also not allowed to become legally employed in the US, not until they have secured a work authorization while on a CR-1 visa, the foreign spouse is granted the privilege to apply for a job at once.

How Do I Apply for a CR-1 Visa for my Spouse from Thailand?

The preparation of documents alone for the CR-1 application can be overwhelming and confusing to many. And practically speaking, It is not uncommon that the intending applicants become apprehensive about the outcome of their application, considering that they will have to put forth money, time, effort.

Here at Siam Legal, we offer professional assistance to help you out with the entire process until you obtain your CR-1 visa. Our proven track record with CR-1 visa applications shall attest why we are the most preferred immigration company and firm in all across the Kingdom of Thailand.

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