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Easily Opened Thai Bank Account

Even though I am here on Non-Immigrant B Visa (no Work Permit), Siam Legal quickly made it possible for me to open an account at Bangkok Bank. The fee was very reasonable.



Great Marriage Assistance

My partner and I have known each other for nearly 20 years. 5 Years ago we got engaged and 2.5 years ago we did the village wedding. Since then we have been trying in vain to formalize our marriage. My not being permanently located in Thailand didn’t help but there seemed so many hoops to jump through (that kept changing). I was ready to give up when Khun Rex at Siam legal was recommended to me. I dropped them a Line message and within 10 minutes I had a response. After a bit of back and forth we went in to meet Khun Rex. He and Khun Kanpitcha were brilliant. Very professional and quickly identified some issues we were unaware of. The marriage was sorted in a week and all the translations done within a couple more. I am really happy I stopped letting friends try and help and used a professional!

Asher Hewitt


Nathan Wajanathawornchai great professional and prompt service

I had a friend who was in a very stressful situation being held against her will and separated from her two young children alone at home by a hospital who was keeping her against her will in the hospital until she paid her entire bill.

I contacted Nathan..advised him.of the situation and within a few hours, he replied to me and gave me the correct advice on what I should do.

I followed his advice, and the woman was allowed to go home within one hour of me advising them I had contacted SIAM LEGAL and the advice Nathan had given me.

This enforces the good advice Nathan had given me and the high regard SIAM LEGAL is held in …in Thailand.

Once the hospital knee SIAM LEGAL was advising me they caved in and released the woman back to her young unsupervised children.

This is not the first time I have sought advice from SIAM LEGAL and I would highly recommend them to and foreigner or Thai who needs professional legal service.

Mark Dixon

Ban Chang

Very professional!

I would very much like to thank Rex for helping me today with a question I had regarding my 30-day exemption visa. He cleared up the problem in a very professional manner and I am very grateful for his help in putting my mind at ease in what I had found a very confusing situation. Keep up the great work. Regards Pete.

Peter James Cox

Chiang Mai

Very professional, thorough, and helpful in all aspects!

Khun Sirichot has been instrumental in resolving personal legal business for me, both in Thailand and in the Netherlands. He has demonstrated to be very professional, thorough, and helpful in all aspects.

I would not hesitate a moment to recommend him to my acquaintances for assistance in dealing with personal legal business.

P. J. M.


Eager to help and very professional lawyer!

Hi, I want to compliment Mr. Sirichot Chaiyachot your lawyer As a foreigner who came to your firm five years ago and right up till today, I face doubts and uncertainties living in Thailand buying property and dealing with Thai language contracts All these were made easy and smooth after I met Mr. Sirichot, young and eager to help and very professional lawyer who always give good and sound and safe advice I have heartfelt thanks for a legal advisor like him and will always seek his legal aid whenever I need and will strongly recommend to others. Cheers!

R. L.


Professional service!

Just like to compliment Siam Legal (especially Wil) on their professional service in acquiring 3 Australian tourist visas for my wife’s Thai family. They stepped us through the process painlessly ensuring we forwarded all the correct documentation required. Highly recommend their services to anyone looking to obtain the same.

คุกกี้ คุกกี้


Prompt and fast response!

My name is Lane F., a citizen of the U.S.A., and a frequent visitor to Thailand. Part of my future plans is to retire in Thailand and there was an opportunity for me to purchase a house in Pattaya during my last trip in May. Not knowing the real estate property laws of Thailand, I contracted the services of Siam Legal to assist me with this purchase. I am writing this note to you because I am very pleased with the service provided by two individuals in your Pattaya office.

Ms. Jaijira Suksriwong and Ms. Kammollachat Sooklek should be commended for their prompt replies to my inquiries, knowledge of the property laws, and fast response with drafting documents. They assisted and provided guidance for me every step of the way, which resulted in a favorable outcome regarding this purchase. Ms. Kammollachat was quick to respond with the drafting of the agreement and defining the requirements and documents to be provided by the seller. Ms. Jaijira was always very quick to respond to my inquiries and did all of the coordination work with the sellers. My confidence in their abilities and your firm only grew the more I worked with them. You should be proud you have two such outstanding employees representing Siam Legal and they should be commended for their fine work. Conducting this purchase transaction through email was trying and they certainly helped to reduce the stress I was going through during this process.

In the future, I will have future legal needs and will certainly use the services of Siam Legal again. I will also recommend Siam Legal to my friends who need any legal assistance. I thank Ms. Jaijira and Ms. Kammollachat again for their efforts and excellent work.

Lane F.

Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A.

Efficient, knowledgeable, punctual, and readily available!

I have known Khun Sirichot Chaiyachot since the beginning of 2010 when he acted for Siam Legal on my behalf to purchase an apartment in The River Condominium including Due Diligence, negotiation of the sales documentation, Registration of Transfer of Ownership, and payment of the purchase price.

Over the following years, I have watched him mature, develop confidence and knowledge. He has assisted me with personal matters such as the preparation of wills, visas, and other issues and always been available for advice. He is the person I use for my legal requirements in Thailand Khun Sirichot has good communication skills in both English and Thai, has an engaging personality, and a high work ethic. I have found him efficient, knowledgeable, punctual, and readily available in my interactions with him.

I offer my full support to him for his future ambitions and would be pleased to elaborate if requested.

R. J. B.



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