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Thailand BOI Flood Relief Measures

According to the serious flood situation in many areas, the Thai government has realized that this situation is no longer a local economic problem. The Thai flood which leads to the major damage to factories and business operations has affected both foreign and domestic investors. The Board of Investment is also worried about the BOI […]

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BOI Feasibility Study for the Large Business Operation

One of the basic criteria for BOI project approval with investment capital of over 80 million Baht is that the applicant must submit the project’s feasibility study as a Board requirement. The feasibility study is divided into 2 types based on the amount of investment capital. Note that the mentioned investment capital does not include […]

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Regional Operating Headquarter in Relation to the BOI

The Regional Operating Headquarter is another economic instrument from Thai government, providing benefits to investors who established a regional headquarter in Thailand. Various benefits provided to the investors with the aims of attracting more investment in Thailand, both tax incentives and non-tax incentives. The Revenue Department offers tax incentives, for instance, corporate income tax reduction, […]

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Business Activities that Foreigners Cannot Fully Own Under the BOI Promotion

According to Thai laws, foreign investors who wish to establish a business in Thailand are restricted to the percentage of foreign shareholding allowed in a Thai company. A Thai company requires Thai nationals to hold the majority of its shares. Otherwise, the company is considered as a foreign own company and required to obtain for […]

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Thailand BOI – FAQ

Q: How can a foreigner invest in Thailand? A: Foreigners will normally invest in following business entities: By Thai Company Limited with Thai majority own By foreign majority own with Foreign Business License (FBL) By foreign majority own with an exception of FBL i.e. BOI, U.S.-Thai Amity-Treaty Q: What is the corporate tax structure for […]

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