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Procedure for Applying for Thai Permanent Residency in 2024

Here is a general guide on how to apply for Permanent Residency in Thailand. To apply for Permanent Residency in Thailand, follow these general steps: Eligibility Criteria: Hold a non-immigrant visa for at least three consecutive years. Maintain a valid visa at the time of application. Meet financial requirements and have a clean criminal record. […]

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Denial of Thai Permanent Residency

Foreigners applying for a Thai permanent residency may have their status revoked if they have a criminal record or are found to violate the laws of public safety. There are also certain prohibitions involved once your permanent residency is denied, according to the Immigration Act. Prohibitions in Granting Permanent Residency Section 44 of the Immigration […]

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Benefits of Having Thai Permanent Residency

Foreigners receiving permanent residency status in Thailand are offered benefits and rights almost equivalent to those of Thai citizens. The article below lists the numerous advantages that it offers. The Right to Reside in Thailand Permanently Securing the right to remain permanently in Thailand is a huge milestone, allowing expats to reside in this prospering […]

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Types of Thai Permanent Residency

Thai Permanent Residency Categories There are 5 different criterias to make you eligible in applying for a Thai permanent residency: Investment Employment Humanitarian purposes (6 sub-types): Spouse with Thai citizenship Spouse with Thai permanent residency Child adopted by parents who are Thai citizens Child adopted by parents who are Thai permanent residents Parents adopting a […]

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Working in Thailand as Foreign Entrepreneur

A foreigner who desires to make Thailand his or her home, but is not married to a Thai spouse or working in a Thai company, might consider starting a business enterprise in order to stay in the country. The idea is particularly attractive because with a company in Thailand, a foreigner can be their own […]

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