Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Visa

EEC Visa in Thailand

In May 2024, a new long-term visa option known as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Visa was approved by the Thai Cabinet. The visa caters to specialists, executives, professionals, and their dependents. The purpose of this visa is to aid the development of targeted industries in Thailand including automation, robotics, aviation, logistics, and biochemicals.

What is the EEC Visa?

The EEC Visa was created to attract experts from specific fields and industries to Thailand and support the development of their targeted industry. 

The visa is intended to attract qualified individuals to the regions inside Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor, a special economic zone situated on the country’s eastern seaboard. Regions that fall under the EEC and have been targeted for high-tech and industrial growth are the three eastern provinces of Chachoengsao, Chonburi, and Rayong. 

Duration and Details

The EEC Visa is valid for 10 years, which is only made possible through the renewable 5-year multiple-entry permit that allows its holder to leave and enter Thailand without needing to apply for a re-entry permit each time. 

However, the length of stay in Thailand cannot exceed the employment contract’s duration. This means that if the holder is signed to a contract of 1 year, their visa and entry permit will become void at the end of the contract, and the holder will need a different visa to remain in Thailand.

The ECC Visa comes with four categories:

  • Specialists (EEC Visa “S”)
  • Executives (EEC Visa “E”)
  • Professionals (EEC Visa “P”)
  • Spouses and Dependents (EEC Visa “O”)

To change to and maintain this visa, applicants are required to pay an annual fee of 10,000 THB, while the application fee for an EEC work permit is a set one-time payment of 20,000 THB.

Benefits of the EEC Visa

Other than allowing the holder to remain in Thailand for 10 years, the EEC Visa also grants the following benefits:

  • A flat personal income tax rate of 17%: Given that Thailand may have progressive income taxes as high as 35%, this is extremely appealing to holders.
  • Expedited work permit processing: The One-Stop Service Center in Thailand offers holders the advantage of obtaining their work permit quicker and at a discounted price.
  • Streamlined online reporting: Holders will no longer have to complete their reporting in person at the Thai immigration office.
  • Access to fast-track channels at international airports in Thailand: This privilege gives holders who frequently take flights into and out of Thailand the finest possible airport experience.  

EEC Visa Alternative: LTR Visa

In contrast to the EEC Visa which is intended only for professionals headed to the EEC, the Long-Term Resident or the LTR Visa Thailand allows its professionals to work for businesses located anywhere in Thailand. It offers the same 10-year stay in Thailand, a renewable 5-year multiple-entry permit, and includes similar benefits to the EEC Visa. Another added benefit to the LTR Visa is that its validity is not affected by the employment duration of the holder.

If you have any questions regarding this long-term visa option or need professional assistance with any visa application in Thailand, get in touch with Siam Legal. Our team of legal professionals and visa consultants will assist you with your visa application and ensure a smooth process with minimal risk of delay and rejection.

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