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Succession and Inheritance in Thailand

What is Succession? Succession is a transfer of rights and obligations from the testator to the heirs, who can exercise their rights when the testator is deceased as defined in the Thai Civil and Commercial Code (TCCC). What is Inheritance? Inheritance can be assets, rights, or obligations designated by the testator, in writing, to specific […]

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Prohibited Assets in Thailand from Inheritance

Permitted and Prohibited Assets From Inheritance Debts and obligations can be inherited by the heir under the Thai Civil and Commercial Code (TCCC). However, Sections 1601 and 1734 of the TCCC define these terms as liabilities and limitations on heirs, ensuring that they are not being burdened by excessive debts: Section 1601 exempts the heir […]

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Procedures and Restrictions on Succession and Inheritance in Thailand

Renunciation or Refusal to Declare a Will Even though people may appreciate receiving an inheritance from the deceased testator, some of them may wish to renounce or refuse to receive it. In this circumstance, it is possible to do so by following the virtue of Section 1612 of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code (TCCC): […]

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