Succession and Inheritance in Thailand

Inheritance Law in Thailand

What is Succession?

Succession is a transfer of rights and obligations from the testator to the heirs, who can exercise their rights when the testator is deceased as defined in the Thai Civil and Commercial Code (TCCC).

What is Inheritance?

Inheritance can be assets, rights, or obligations designated by the testator, in writing, to specific heirs. In order to determine who shall acquire inheritance, a will shall specify such acquisition belongs to whom.

Here are examples that are considered an inheritance:

  1. Money
  2. Movable properties (car, jewelry, gold, etc.)
  3. Immovable properties (house, land, factory, etc.)
  4. Rights to own a property
  5. Liabilities on debts and obligations

The spouse shall maintain ownership for half of all the assets obtained during marriage before distributing the inheritance to the heirs. 

Who is a Testator?

A testator is a person, who, prior to death, makes a will to transfer rights and obligations to the designated heir, allowing the heir to exercise them.

Who is an Heir?

An heir is a person deemed to receive rights and obligations as inheritance from the testator through succession.

Who is an Executor?

An executor is a person assigned by the testator or the court to manage inheritance amongst designated heirs.

Who is a Legatee?

A legatee is a person who receives a legacy, as a personal property stated in the testator’s will.

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