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Compromise and Penalty on Inheritance Tax

Extension of Tax Payment Section 8 of the Inheritance Tax Act B.E. 2558 (2015) may allow a taxpayer to submit a request to extend the tax payment period with the Revenue Department under one of these circumstances: Inability to pay tax within the period of 150 days, from the date of receiving inheritance. A taxpayer […]

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Relations Between Inheritance Tax and the New Thai Tax Law

Receiving Inheritance from Overseas and Bringing it to Thailand Any individual holding Thai citizenship or a Thai resident residing for 180 days or more who receives a foreign-source inheritance and brings them into Thailand is subject to taxation under the new tax law. In contrast, an individual who is not a Thai resident (residing 180 […]

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Relationship Between the New Thai Tax Law, Retirement Visa Holders, and Long-Term Residency

Income from Business Operations Incomes received from business operations in Thailand or overseas but brought into Thailand are subject to income tax under the new taxation law at rates ranging from 5% to 35%.  On the other hand, if you receive income as a business entity, you will be subject to corporate tax at 20%. […]

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Thailand’s New Tax on Foreign Income: An Overview

Section 41 of the Revenue Code This provision requires an individual to pay income taxes to the Revenue Department of Thailand under the following conditions: The individual is: A Thai citizen. A Thailand resident who filed taxes in the previous tax year. Foreigners living in Thailand for one or more periods totaling at least 180 […]

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