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Disinheritance from a Will

The Civil and Commercial Code generally provides two categories whereby a testator may disinherit one of his or her statutory heirs from a will. According to Section 1608, the testator “may disinherit any of his statutory heirs only by an express declaration of intention… by will” or “by writing deposited with the competent official.” Furthermore, […]

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After I Purchase Property in Thailand, Should I make a Thai Will?

If you purchase property in Thailand, including a condominium, long term lease or shares in a Thai registered corporation, be sure that your estate plan takes your new property into account. Thai law provides that the succession to your immovable property in Thailand is governed by Thai law, so if you own a condo or […]

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How to Own Real Property in Thailand

Buying real property in Thailand can be a valuable investment for foreigners if you do your homework and make sure to do it property. When making your plans you need to take into account the limitations on foreign land ownership and Thai tax law. Check our How to Buy Property in Thailand page. The easiest […]

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Notary Public in Thailand

In many countries, a notary public is an official who is licensed by the government to authenticate signatures or documents, and witness affidavits or statements of persons under oath. In general, a Thailand notary public has no authority to act when not in the jurisdiction of the government where the notary is licensed. Notarization of […]

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How to Make a Thai Will

Foreigners living in Thailand and those owning immovable property in Thailand usually need a Thai will. It is a good idea to work with an international law firm, such as Siam Legal, to ensure that your estate plan complies with Thai law. Thai law provides that if you are competent to draft a will in […]

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