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Minimum Wages Rise Again in Thailand

In addition to the raising of the minimum wage in Thailand which has been implemented in January 2024, a second wage increase has gone into effect as of April 2024, though only for workers in certain sectors. While the new wage hike still falls short of the level promised by the Pheu Thai Party in […]

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Drafting an Employment Contract in Thailand

When drafting an employment contract, it is imperative to retain the services of a trained legal professional, rather than resorting to a template, such as the one found online. An important consideration is that employment contracts are ultimately abstract legal rules and the application of those rules in real-life situations may lead to certain results […]

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Employment Agreements in Thailand

In Thailand, the principle of the freedom of contract for employment cases is the basis of employment agreements. Employees and employers can come to an agreement to exchange services for remuneration as long as the activity is not contrary to the public order or morals. There are two types of employment agreements. There is the […]

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Thai Employment Contracts

An employment contract creates a relationship between an employer and his employee. Under the principle of Freedom of Contract, as long as both parties agree to the contract and it is not against the public order or good moral, Thailand will accept the validity of the contract. The contract can be written or verbal. The […]

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What does the Thai labor law say about workday, overtime, and leave?

Relations between employers and employees are covered by the Thai Labor Protection Act (LPA). The latest manifestation was revision to the Thai LPA was in 2010. The basic presumption of Thai Labor Law is that the Employer is in a superior position in relation to the Employee therefore Employees require the law to equalize the […]

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