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Prenuptial agreement with clause that restricts certain behavior of the spouses during marriage

Prenuptial agreements are normally meant for couples to agree on how to divide marital or separate property in the event of divorce. However, an interesting legal issue is whether a prenuptial agreement allowed to have a clause that only restricts certain behavior of the spouses during marriage; for example, is a prenuptial agreement allowed to […]

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Will marriage and divorce in Thailand be recognized in Australia?

Will a marriage in Thailand be recognized in Australia? Generally speaking, Thai marriages will be recognized under Australian law provided the parties to the marriage meet certain conditions. For the marriage in Thailand to be recognized it must have been compliant with Australian law in the following ways: Neither party at the time of the […]

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Will a Thai prenuptial be recognized in Australia?

Prenuptial agreements in Australia are referred to by Australian legislation as “binding financial agreements” rather than prenuptials in Thai law. Financial agreements have been introduced into Australian law relatively recently comparative to other Australian family law legislation, through Part 90 of the Family Law Act in 2000. This sets out the various conditions under which […]

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How to Marry in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country and a wonderful place to get married. Foreigners planning to marry in Thailand are free to marry other foreigners or Thai nationals. They can also register their marriage in Thailand which is recognized by most foreign countries. While a variety of religious marriage ceremonies are available in Thailand, a Thai […]

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Thailand Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement, or “prenup”, is a contract a couple makes with each other before they get married. It is also known as an ante-nuptial agreement or a premarital agreement. The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to set out in writing which property is owned by which spouse and decide in advance how the […]

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Allowed Provisions in a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

A reading of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code on property between husband and wife will tell us what provisions are not allowed to be included in a prenuptial agreement in Thailand. To start with, the Thai CCC section 1465 gives a general qualification that any clause in the agreement which is contrary to public […]

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