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Can a foreigner own land in Thailand?

| September 22, 2017 | Land, Property

Question: I am a foreigner who has retired in Thailand and I have recently married a Thai woman. We are currently considering the purchase of 1 rai of land in Phuket where we build our marital home. I will actually be paying for the full purchase price of the land with my own personal funds, […]

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Acquisition of Land in Thailand by a Foreign Government

| December 9, 2016 | Land, Property

The acquisition of land or a condominium unit in Thailand by a foreign government for official use, such as for use as an embassy or consulate, is not covered by any specific legislation. Therefore, assuming that a foreign government intended to acquire land or other immovable property in Thailand for official use, such an acquisition […]

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Foreigner’s Right to Value of Land in Thailand

| December 2, 2016 | Land, Property

An important principle of Thai law regarding foreign investment in land is that where the foreigner has purchased land, but is not able to legally register ownership of the land, he or she is entitled to the monetary value of the land. This principle is demonstrated in the following Land Department Advisory Opinion: During litigation […]

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Disposal of Land Owned by a Foreigner

| November 25, 2016 | Land, Property

According to the Land Code of Thailand, it is unlawful for a Thai national to own land as the agent of a foreigner. The act of doing so entails criminal penalties for both the Thai national and the foreigner involved. Furthermore, one consequence of “nominee landownership” as it is called, is that the land that […]

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Applying for a Land Allocation License

Property developers in Thailand who are planning to construct a housing community must first request a land allocation license from the Land Department. The property developer must file an application according to the Land Development Act of B.E. 2543 (2000) which requires the following evidence and details: The title deed or other document evidencing rights […]

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Thai Property: Easements, Servitudes, or Right of Ways

| February 20, 2015 | Land, Property

Due diligence is important to confirm all of the material facts in the purchase of property. The most important is an actual physical inspection of the property through an independent surveyor. The legal documents relating to land or property in Thailand may be wrong. It is important to ensure that the title deed accurately reflects […]

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Reference Guide for Corporate Buyers of Land in Thailand

| December 26, 2014 | Land, Property

The requirements and legal procedures involved in buying land in Thailand as a company (particularly with foreign shareholders) is quite complex. Siam Legal has therefore compiled this reference guide to help its corporate clients prepare the necessary documents and evidence required in order to avoid needless mistakes and costly delays when appearing before the Land […]

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Property Purchase in Thailand: Why Due Diligence

| December 19, 2014 | Condominium, Land, Property

There are many foreign investments which involve the purchase of real estate. Whether for business reasons, an investment visa, or a residence, the purchaser of the property must apply Due Diligence to the purchase of the property. A quick and smooth transactions sometimes causes the purchaser to overlook issues that will affect the ability of […]

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Handy Tips and the Know-hows for Purchasing Property in Thailand

| February 10, 2014 | Condominium, Land, Property, Villa

Situated at the center of the Southeast Asian region with it’s tourist attracting slogan; Amazing Thailand, the country has been seeing a high increase of tourists visits over the years. According to 2013’s Global Destination Cities Index, Bangkok was listed as the number one tourist destination with roughly 15 million visitors.1 Seeing how attractive a […]

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Property Lease in Thailand

Considerations for lease agreements in Thailand: Given the substantial issues relating to foreigners owning a freehold interest in Thai land, a more viable option for people wanting to have a legal and long term interest in property is done through lease agreements. There are however a number of pitfalls to be aware of, much of […]

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