Procedure for Applying for Thai Permanent Residency in 2024

Permanent Residency Thailand

Here is a general guide on how to apply for Permanent Residency in Thailand. To apply for Permanent Residency in Thailand, follow these general steps:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Hold a non-immigrant visa for at least three consecutive years.
    • Maintain a valid visa at the time of application.
    • Meet financial requirements and have a clean criminal record.
  2. Visa Categories:
    • Choose a category such as investment, employment, or family reunion that suits your situation.
  3. Required Documents:
    • Prepare necessary documents, including a valid passport, non-immigrant visa, proof of financial stability, medical certificates, etc.
  4. Application Process:
    • Submit the application at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, adhering to specific category requirements.
  5. Interview and Investigation:
    • Undergo an interview or additional investigations to verify the information in your application.
  6. Approval and Notification:
    • If approved, you will receive a certificate of residence, and you can proceed with the next steps.
  7. Permanent Residency Card:
    • Apply for a permanent residency card at the Immigration Bureau within a specified timeframe.
  8. Renewal and Reporting:
    • Renew permanent residency annually and report any address changes to the Immigration Bureau.

After Applying a Thai Permanent Residency

After applying for a Thai Permanent Residency, here are the following steps undertaken by the Immigration Division:

  1. An officer stamps the application for review.
    1. The first round may take 180 days.
    2. Subsequent rounds may take 180 days per round until the result of the application process is concluded.
  2. An applicant receives an interview appointment for a Thai language proficiency test.
    1. The applicant shall be disqualified if they fail to attend the appointment without proper justification.
  3. An applicant aged 40 or above during the time of application must undergo criminal background checks, as follows:
    1. Fingerprinting for checking criminal activity in Thailand.
    2. Passport verification to check if the applicant has been blacklisted as stated by the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
    3. Passport verification to check if the applicant is under the Red Notice of the Foreign Affairs Division of the Royal Thai Police,
  4. The Immigration Division Committee finalizes the application, but the duration depends on the policies of the Committee and the Ministry of the Interior.


The Thai Permanent Residency application starts from 14 October 2024 to 27 December 2024 during weekdays (Monday – Friday) at the official hours from 08:30-16:30.

Please note that once a new calendar year (i.e. 2024) starts, you will have to wait until the final quarter of 2024 to apply for Permanent Residency. Once you have gone through that process, Permanent Residency will then be granted for the following year 2025 if your application was successful. If you want to obtain a Permanent Residency by 2024, you’ll have to apply during the year 2023.

Following Up on the Status of Thai Permanent Residency

After you have applied, you can follow up with the status of the Thai Permanent Residency at the announcement of the Immigration Bureau website,ประกาศ/.


You can apply to the Immigration Division 1. Their address is listed below:

Ratthaprasasanabhakti Building (Building B), 120 Moo 3, Changwatthana Road, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210.

Costs and Fees

  1. Application fees: 7,600 THB (non-refundable).
  2. Permanent residency permit: 191,400 THB.
  3. Permanent residency permit (spouse or a child below the age of 20 of Thai national or Thai permanent residency): 95,700 THB.


All of the details may be subject to change by the announcement from the Immigration Bureau. You can follow up with the official website for it or seek legal professionals for the application process.

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