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Sirinee Kamphaengkaew is an Attorney at Law for Siam Legal specializing in corporate law. She was educated at American University's College of Law in Washington, D.C., and at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. She earned a Bachelor of Law with Honors, and two Masters of Law, focusing on Business Law and Intellectual Property Law. She has been a member of the Law Society of Thailand since 2005, and is fluent in both Thai and English.

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Abandonment of Business in Thailand (Article 1273/1)

If the company fails to submit the financial statement three years in a row, there is a possibility that the officer might consider the company as abandoned and struck the company’s name off the record. The step of striking the company’s name off the record is seen in article 1273/1 as read: “Where the registrar […]

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BOI Feasibility Study for the Large Business Operation

One of the basic criteria for BOI project approval with investment capital of over 80 million Baht is that the applicant must submit the project’s feasibility study as a Board requirement. The feasibility study is divided into 2 types based on the amount of investment capital. Note that the mentioned investment capital does not include […]

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Overview of a Corporate Income Tax in Thailand

The term corporate income tax shall be applied to either business incorporated in Thailand or foreign business which generates an income in Thailand. A Thai company refers to a company incorporated under Thai Law while foreign company refers to a company incorporated under Foreign Law. Specifically, the term applies to the following business entity; a […]

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Legal Effect of a Blank Share Transfer Instrument

A Blank share transfer instrument is widely used in a company limited whereby a current shareholder of a company, as a transferor, pre-sign a share transfer instrument and does not  specify any particular name of the transferee, in other words, the name of the transferee is kept blank. It is questioned whether the blank share […]

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Is it Possible for Foreigners to Register a Partnership in Thailand?

While incorporating a partnership for Thai nationals is considered very simple with less restriction, partnership for Foreigners are restricted by, again, Foreign Business Act. There are two types of Partnership in Thailand, ordinary partnership and limited partnership. In general, according to Thailand Civil and Commercial Code, a partnership is “A contract whereby two or more […]

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