Thailand BOI Flood Relief Measures

According to the serious flood situation in many areas, the Thai government has realized that this situation is no longer a local economic problem. The Thai flood which leads to the major damage to factories and business operations has affected both foreign and domestic investors. The Board of Investment is also worried about the BOI promoted companies and tries to resolve the threat of flooding by launching Flood Relief Measures.

According to BOI announcement dated on the 7th October 2011, BOI promoted companies are allowed to apply for the urgent permission to bring in foreign skilled workers and experts on a temporary basis (not more than 30 days) without Non-Immigrant B Visa. The applicant can submit the following documents at the Board of Investment Expert Unit.

  1. Application [Form Shor Kor 3 (F FR NNI 20) 3 copies per person]
  2. Application [Form Tor Tor 10]
  3. 1 Photo
  4. 1 copy of passport

However, the applicant who applies to enter the Kingdom of Thailand under BOI Flood Relief Measures must engage in necessary and urgent work which is exceedingly necessary and urgent as if there will be a serious problem if it could not be done immediately. On the other hand, it is not deemed as necessary and urgent work if the applicant will exercise in administrative and academic works that consume an uncertain amount of time. The applicant who applies for the long-term performances and general duties will not be permitted under this BOI Flood Relief Measures.

The BOI also allows promoted companies to change the place to apply for Visa Extension, Work Permit Issuance and Work Permit Extension from preferred Provincial Immigration Office and Provincial Employment Office to One-Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits.

Moreover, the promoted companies are allowed to report the existence of foreign nationals which is required to inform every 90 days via telephone, fax, SMS, or email.

The information to be provided is expert’s name, company name and contact phone or mobile phone.

In addition, the BOI provides the list of space available for temporary warehouses and factories which investors or manufacturers might be interested in. Companies whose factories are already affected or might be affected by flooding may contact the BOI office for help of moving machinery and raw materials or other kinds of help every day, including weekends.


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