Marriage Between a Thai and a Westerner

| November 28, 2014 | Family Law, Marriage

What are the conflict of law issues when dealing with the marriage between a Thai national and a foreigner? When there is a dispute between the laws of multiple countries, Thailand looks at its conflict of law rules. Which court has jurisdiction over the case? Which country’s laws are used to decide the issue? Will […]

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Inheritance Tax in Thailand

| November 12, 2014 | Property

On September 12, 2014, the new Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chanocha delivered his government’s policy statement to the National Legislative Assembly, which declared a new economic policy that shall instate an inheritance and property tax for Thailand within one year. A draft law for the new inheritance tax in Thailand has already been drafted […]

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Ownership of Property through a Thai Spouse

| November 5, 2014 | Property

There are many foreign nationals in Thailand who are married to a Thai spouse. The foreign national has obtained a long term visa and wants to purchase property in Thailand. Many foreign nationals who want to own property have purchased property through their Thai spouse. Foreign nationals believe that since the property is purchased during […]

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Prenuptial agreement with clause that restricts certain behavior of the spouses during marriage

Prenuptial agreements are normally meant for couples to agree on how to divide marital or separate property in the event of divorce. However, an interesting legal issue is whether a prenuptial agreement allowed to have a clause that only restricts certain behavior of the spouses during marriage; for example, is a prenuptial agreement allowed to […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions of Company in Thailand

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming a routine occurrence in developing countries as companies use the process to expedite their growth or gather additional benefits. A recent high profile example was the merger between Burger King and Tim Horton where the smaller Canadian Tim Horton acquired the larger American Burger King in an attempt to qualify […]

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What does the Thai labor law say about workday, overtime, and leave?

Relations between employers and employees are covered by the Thai Labor Protection Act (LPA). The latest manifestation was revision to the Thai LPA was in 2010. The basic presumption of Thai Labor Law is that the Employer is in a superior position in relation to the Employee therefore Employees require the law to equalize the […]

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Sex Crimes in Thailand

| September 26, 2014 | Criminal Law, Litigation

Thailand has a reputation of being a place of sexual freedom. The reality is that most Thai people are very conservative and modest. However, there are some red light areas which cater to a particular segment of tourists, foreign expats, and Thai men. In these businesses, sexual morality is flouted and sex oriented businesses are […]

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Divorce Scenarios for Foreign Nationals in Thailand

| September 19, 2014 | Divorce, Family Law

Siam Legal International receives several inquiries every day regarding the divorce process in Thailand. Most of these cases involve a Thai girl living in Thailand and a foreign national returning back to their native country. We will go through different variations of this fact pattern and try to address the issues. “I am a British […]

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Defamation in Thailand – Natural Fruits Corporation vs. Andy Hall

International news is filled with the criminal defamation case brought by Natural Fruit Corporation, one of Thailand’s largest pineapple processors, against Andy Hall, a British labor rights activists. The charges can carry up to an eight-year prison sentence and a USD$10 million fine. Mr. Hall made allegations that Natural Fruit Corporation used violence, force overtime, […]

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What to do when you are arrested for illegal drugs in Thailand?

| September 4, 2014 | Criminal Law, Litigation

Thailand is a wonderful place for a holiday but not when you are in its jails. Our law firm was recently contacted by a foreign national in one of Bangkok notorious overcrowded jails. He said that he was a victim of a drug scam and that he had been in the jail for over two […]

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