Guideline to Foreigners Getting Married in Thailand

A great number of foreigners have been flying to Thailand to celebrate and register their marriage in the Land of Smiles.  Some would be marrying their Thai sweethearts, while some would go to Thailand to marry their likewise-foreigner fiancee.Whatever the partnership may be, a little coaching for the foreign party will probably do good help. […]

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Adoption in Thailand – Who may Adopt in Thailand

| October 14, 2011 | Family Law

  The Thai Adoption Law of 1979 is the main statute on adoption in Thailand.  It is this law which provides the list on who can adopt and who may adopt from the country. The following are the general guidelines on who may adopt in Thailand. speak to a Thai lawyer in Thailand for more […]

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Transfer of Ownership Over Properties in Thailand Between Foreigners

One of the more peculiar features of the law of Thailand is their strict mandate on transfer of ownership between and among foreigners over properties located in Thailand. One very basic example is the method of transferring ownership over condominium units between foreigners. The same can not be done by virtue of a deed of […]

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Right to Support after Divorce in Thailand

Support is an issue prevalent in Thailand divorce. In almost all instances, the mutual objective of spouses to terminate the marital union is definite, but concerns on support hinder an expedient break-up. Support after the grant of divorce in Thailand is often associated with provision for common children born to the former spouses during their […]

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New Anti-Bribery Law from UK to Help Against Corruption in Thailand

The Bribery Act 2010 which comes into effect on July 1 this year would hopefully reinvigorate anti-corruption efforts in Thailand by keeping in compliance Thai companies that are doing business with British firms or operating in the UK, according to experts. The law prohibits UK firms from offering bribes to foreign public officials.In a seminar hosted […]

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