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Utilizing the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Pursuant to the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, Australians are subject to special privileges which non-Australian foreigners in Thailand may not otherwise be granted. What is the Thai-Australia Free Trade Agreement? In 2003, Australia and Thailand announced intentions to enter into a free trade agreement, which resulted in the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) becoming operational […]

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Hotel Business in Thailand

Most of the time, starting a hotel as a business in Thailand is a very profitable undertaking; however it is subject to quite a significant amount of regulation. Step 1: Business registration and Ownership While a Thai national may register any form of business entity, a private company limited is the most suitable form of […]

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Hire of Immovable Property for Commerce and Industry

Foreign investors seeking to lease land in Thailand for business purposes may find themselves limited by the 30 year lease limit posed by the Civil and Commercial Code. Indeed, the 30 year limit is rather short in comparison to lease limits in other jurisdictions; such as Vietnam, which allows residential lease terms from 50 to […]

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ASEAN Economic Community: An Update on the Current Challenges Facing the Economic Integration

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has been the buzzword in the political and business arena for some time. With 2015 fast approaching, governments in all the ASEAN countries are rapidly assessing their progress in line with the AEC 2015 blueprint. Thailand is, by no means, any different. Regarded in the region as the center, in […]

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Thailand BOI – FAQ

Q: How can a foreigner invest in Thailand? A: Foreigners will normally invest in following business entities: By Thai Company Limited with Thai majority own By foreign majority own with Foreign Business License (FBL) By foreign majority own with an exception of FBL i.e. BOI, U.S.-Thai Amity-Treaty Q: What is the corporate tax structure for […]

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