Domestic Violence Law in Thailand

Domestic violence is not only a crime, but a serious social problem that is inadequately addressed by normal civil and criminal laws. For example, in a case involving child abuse, criminal law would only allow for the imprisonment of the offending parent for assault, without any consideration for the effects to the overall family unit. […]

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Summary of the International Air Carriage Act 2015

The International Air Carriage Act (“Act”) has recently become law in Thailand. The law follows the Montreal Convention of 1999, which covers air carrier liability for accidents, delays, and cargo losses. The Act does not cover postal carriage. Prior to the implementation of this law, claims against air carriers were brought under the tort provisions […]

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Liability for Damages Arising from Unsafe Products Act of 2008

| May 21, 2015 | Litigation

The Liability for Damages Arising from Unsafe Products Act of 2008 deals with the issue of product liability in Thailand. The purpose of the act is to instil consumer confidence for products by simplifying the legal liability for unsafe products. According to Section 5 of the Act, an entrepreneur is liable for damages to the […]

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Employment Agreements in Thailand

| May 14, 2015 | Labor Protection

In Thailand, the principle of the freedom of contract for employment cases is the basis of employment agreements. Employees and employers can come to an agreement to exchange services for remuneration as long as the activity is not contrary to the public order or morals. There are two types of employment agreements. There is the […]

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Proposed Debt Collection Act

Just mid last year, the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand voted to accept, in principle, the terms of the Debt Collection Act. Drawing inspiration from analogous laws in the United States and Australia, this new legislation will act as a consumer protection law protecting consumers from abusive practices on the part of debt collectors. The […]

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Legality of E-Signatures in Thailand

With the increasing spread of internet usage and electronic delivery of documents, the demand for clarity on the legality for electronic signatures in Thailand is growing. E-Signatures (electronic signatures) are markings, letters, numbers, or symbols that are created in electronic form that establish the signatory acceptance of the contents of the electronic document. The benefits […]

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Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation in Thailand

| April 10, 2015 | Litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution is different from Conventional Dispute Resolution. Conventional Dispute Resolution involves litigation and adjudication in court. Litigation is generally a hostile and antagonistic where a decision is made by a judge. Litigation can be intimidating and risky. Generally one party wins and the other party loses. Alternative Dispute Resolution attempts to return some […]

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New Mortgage Foreclosure Law in Thailand

The new amendments made to the Civil and Commercial Code announced on November 13, 2014 has made significant changes to mortgage foreclosure rules. In addition to the changes to Section 728 of the Civil and Commercial Code regarding enforcement of a mortgage debt, the amendments have also made major changes to Section 729 regarding foreclosure […]

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Intellectual Property Prosecution in Thailand

| March 27, 2015 | Criminal Law, Litigation

Piracy and counterfeiting is prevalent in Thailand. In any major city in Thailand, pirated movies, music, and software can easily be located where tourist congregate. Counterfeit bags, clothing, and shoes are found in the many night markets in Thailand. For many western tourist, the purchasing of counterfeit items is part of the Thai experience. They […]

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New Seven-Year Plan at the BOI

The Board of Investment promotes certain investments to respond to current and future economic needs of Thailand. The Thai Board of Investment has recently approved a new seven year master plan. The new master plan is to promote inbound value added investments and Thai investment overseas. The new ‚ÄúSeven Year Investment Strategy will run from […]

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