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There are several options open to foreigners in Thailand who wish to apply for permanent residency status. The first one is based on investment, which consists of two components: presenting proof of investment both before permanent residence is granted and after it is granted. Before the permanent resident status is granted, the applicant must have invested at least 10 million baht into the country. Thereafter, the applicant must maintain the investment for three consecutive years after the permanent resident status is granted. Specifically, that amount of money must be invested in one of three targets: (1) a Limited Company or Public Limited Company (2) a bond issued by the government or a state enterprise in which the Ministry of Finance or Bank of Thailand is a guarantor or (3) shares or other instruments in the Thai stock market which has been certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The documentary evidence that must be presented in each case is as follows:

  1. Where the applicant has invested in a Limited Company or Public Limited Company, he or she must submit: a certificate of company registration from Ministry of Commerce issued within the previous three months, evidence of Value-Added Tax or Specific Business Tax registration, and copies of the financial balance sheets and corporate income tax returns for the previous three years.
  2. Where the applicant has invested in government or state enterprise-issued bonds, he or she must submit a letter from a Thai bank certifying the purchase and a copy and original of the bond certificate.
  3. Where the applicant has invested in financial instruments the Thai stock market approved or certified by the SEC, he or she must submit a certification of the purchase and evidence of the investment.

Thereafter, by the end of September for the next three consecutive years, the foreigner who has been issued permanent residency status must submit evidence to the Bureau of Immigration that his or her investment has not been transferred. Furthermore, the Bureau of Immigration will also investigate to ensure that the investment meets the aforementioned criteria. Failure of the investment to meet the criteria would cause the permanent residency status to be revoked.


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