Consequences of Being Blacklisted in Thailand

Blacklisted in Thailand

Blacklist Lifting and Re-Entry to Thailand

After your name subject to the blacklist is lifted under Section 12 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979), you may be able to re-enter Thailand. However, the immigration officer will heavily monitor you due to your history of being blacklisted. If you recommit an offense, you will be penalized by a fine, imprisonment, and be blacklisted for a longer duration. 

Applying for a Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization for other Countries

When you apply for a visa, the authorities will be wary and suspicious of you in recommitting the same offense. Additionally, the visa application process will be longer as you need to undergo interrogation due to your blacklist history. Hence, the process will be much more difficult when applying for visas to other countries, creating more hassles for you in the future. 

Employment and Legal Issues

Employment requires a criminal background check on an applicant. Since you have a background of overstaying, you will have a slim chance of getting a job. Even if you get a job, you could get terminated due to a lack of diligence in obtaining an appropriate permit to stay and work legally. Therefore, you will face a lengthy legal battle in defending your stance which will cost time and heavy expenses. 

Avoid in Advance

  1. Check with the immigration office website for an appropriate visa to enter Thailand.
  2. Track your residing time to ensure it will not lapse with the valid date of your visa.
  3. Get your passport stamped with the immigration during entry and exit of Thailand.
  4. If you stay in Thailand for more than 90 days with a valid visa, you must report to the immigration office within the deadline.
  5. Should you overstay for several days, immediately depart for the airport, explain your circumstance to the immigration officer, and pay a fine. 
  6. If your overstaying period is very lengthy to the point of facing a severe penalty, seek legal consultancy for the most appropriate solution.

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