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Invention – Patent in Thailand

Rather than Trademark and Copyright, Patent is an intellectual property. In Thailand, there are two types of Intellectual Property: Patent which can be divided into an Invention (the invention has to be new, inventive and capable of industrial application) and a Product design; Petty Patent or utility model which is similar to the invention but […]

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Legal Effect of a Blank Share Transfer Instrument

A Blank share transfer instrument is widely used in a company limited whereby a current shareholder of a company, as a transferor, pre-sign a share transfer instrument and does not ┬áspecify any particular name of the transferee, in other words, the name of the transferee is kept blank. It is questioned whether the blank share […]

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New Anti-Bribery Law from UK to Help Against Corruption in Thailand

The Bribery Act 2010 which effected last July 1, 2010, would hopefully reinvigorate anti-corruption efforts in Thailand by keeping in compliance with the Thai companies┬áthat are doing business with British firms or operating in the UK. According to the experts, the law prohibits UK firms from offering bribes to foreign public officials. In a seminar […]

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