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Thai Permanent Residency Category: Employment

Aside from marriage to a Thai national, employment in Thailand is likely to be the most common grounds for a foreigner to be granted permanent resident status. Therefore, this subject is worth addressing in some detail. As with all permanent residency applicants, a person applying on the grounds of employment must satisfy the generally applicable […]

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Thai Permanent Residency Category: Investment

There are several options open to foreigners in Thailand who wish to apply for permanent residency status. The first one is based on investment, which consists of two components: presenting proof of investment both before permanent residence is granted and after it is granted. Before the permanent resident status is granted, the applicant must have […]

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Thailand Permanent Residency: An Overview

Section 40 of the Immigration Act of 1979 allows foreigners who have been granted non-immigrant visas to apply for permanent residency in Thailand. Generally, the factors taken into account in granting permanent residency to a foreigner are his or her income, property, knowledge, professional skills, and family status in relationship to any Thai nationals. Furthermore, […]

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Presentation to UN Employees Retiring in Thailand

Siam Legal’s managing partner, Kert Stavorn, was invited to speak to a group of United Nations employees Tuesday regarding legal considerations for foreigners retiring in Thailand. He spoke for over one hour concentrating his presentation on the following issues: retirement visas, owning property in Thailand, fund remittance and taxes, estate planning, and investing. On the […]

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Visas at the US Embassy in Thailand

The United States Embassy in Thailand, located at 120/22 Wireless Road in Bangkok, is one of the largest embassies in the world. Among other functions, the Embassy processes US visa applications. The Visa Section at the US Embassy Thailand serves foreigners who would like to enter the U.S. While the Embassy recommends that all foreigners […]

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