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Rules and guidelines on how a foreign company may set up its own Representative Office in Thailand

Previously, we discussed the main characteristics and features of the Representative Office according to Thai law, including its main purpose and the activities in which it is allowed to conduct. In this article, we will address the rules and guidelines regarding how a foreign company may set up its own Representative Office in Thailand. Generally […]

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Guide to the Representative Office in Thailand

The Representative Office is an important form of business organization in Thailand since it helps to facilitate the import and export of goods by foreign companies. A Representative Office is characterized by the following features: It does not receive any revenue from providing services It cannot receive purchase orders or make sales or negotiate business […]

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Living and Working in Thailand as Foreign Entrepreneur

A foreigner who desires to make Thailand his or her home, but who may not be married to a Thai spouse or have a job offer from a Thai company, might consider starting a business enterprise in order to stay in the country. The idea is particularly attractive because, with a company in Thailand, one […]

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