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Hotel Business in Thailand

Most of the time, starting a hotel as a business in Thailand is a very profitable undertaking; however it is subject to quite a significant amount of regulation. Step 1: Business registration and Ownership While a Thai national may register any form of business entity, a private company limited is the most suitable form of […]

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American Company Applying for BOI Incentives

Companies incorporated in the U.S. or majority-owned by Americans are often eligible for incentives from Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI). For example, BOI promoted businesses are automatically granted a business licence. Investment Promotion Criteria Regulations set requirements for each industry and sub-industry eligible for the promotion. The Board considers the business plan, the viability of […]

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Hire of Immovable Property for Commerce and Industry

Foreign investors seeking to lease land in Thailand for business purposes may find themselves limited by the 30 year lease limit posed by the Civil and Commercial Code. Indeed, the 30 year limit is rather short in comparison to lease limits in other jurisdictions; such as Vietnam, which allows residential lease terms from 50 to […]

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Registering a Trademark in Thailand, Part 2

The previous article discussed Section 6 of the Trademark Act of of B.E. 2534 (1991), as amended until B.E. 2543 (2000), which listed the criteria for determining whether a trademark was registrable. In short, Thai law allows for a trademark to be registered if it is distinctive, not prohibited by law, and not the same […]

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Registering Trademarks in Thailand

The trademark is an important legal concept in the world of business and commerce. Trademarks allow companies to distinguish their goods and services from competitors and thereby enhance the goodwill of the public towards their particular brand. Accordingly, trademark law seeks to protect both consumers, by allowing them to identify the origin of products sold […]

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BOI Promotion of the Motion Picture Industry

Thailand has been thriving as a destination for film production companies. Its beautiful natural scenery, exotic locale, and cheaper production costs make it an attractive option for many foreign filmmakers. Another reason is that Thailand already has a developed film production infrastructure in place, which makes it less necessary to import equipment from outside the […]

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