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Siriporn, an Attorney-at-Law in Siam Legal, has practiced for over 4 years in the area of family law. She earned her Law degree at Thammasat University and has been admitted to the bar in 2003 by the Thailand Bar Association. In 2004, she became a member of Lawyers Council Thailand, a professional legal organization. She studied abroad at University of California Riverside. She can speak 3 languages: English, Thai, and Chinese. Presently, she's handling the family law section at Siam Legal International.

Recognition of Foreign Divorce in Thailand for US Citizens

There is a great number of Americans married to foreigners. As such, there are also numerous divorces applied for and granted to Americans in foreign jurisdictions. There is no legal obligation for states to recognize foreign judgments of divorce issued by other countries. However, most states in the US recognize divorces granted to its citizens […]

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Right to Support after Divorce in Thailand

Support is an issue prevalent in Thailand divorce. In almost all instances, the mutual objective of spouses to terminate the marital union is definite, but concerns on support hinder an expedient break-up. Support after the grant of divorce in Thailand is often associated with provision for common children born to the former spouses during their […]

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