How Visa Officers Decide to Approve or Reject Your U.S. Visitor Visa Application

Preparation is the key. But after an applicant prepares a mountain of supporting documents during the interview, there’s a chance that the consular officer won’t even look at the documents. So how can a visa applicant control the outcome, or at least increase the chances of a successful B1/B2 U.S. Visa Application in Thailand?

Once in front of the consular officer, everything happens so quickly. The interviewing officer is pressed for time so they may not go over each documents you brought in during the interview. As the interview is ongoing, be prepared to answer quickly, in a short and precise manner. Be prepared to voluntarily hand over the original document related to the question. Make sure all documents that you provided are genuine and all the information that you mentioned are unaltered. Avoid ambiguous, shady, circular answers or omitting some part of your answers. It is best to answer the question straight, truthful, and at the same time hand over any existing supporting documents you have at hand.

Visa officers use their discretion and judgment in making a decision, based with facts presented on the individual’s circumstance gathered during the interview and information from the DS-160. They are trained well in asking the right questions. They will focus on particular area of concern of what they deemed as the loophole in your application. They are able to see through the red flags, according to your answers to the officer’s probing questions. They’ll be able to read your body language, spot hesitations and inconsistencies.

Yes each officer is different, and approval rate depends on the embassy you are located in. But the best turn around for a successful visa interview is to fully understand the eligibility criteria of the specific visa category you are applying for such as B1/B2 U.S. Visitor Visa Application. Make sure you have the required supporting documents and be prepared in giving clear, concise answers to questions centered on establishing your eligibility during the interview.

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