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Siam Legal is a full service law firm but it has an extensive range of immigration, corporate, and real estate experience accessible to clients both domestically and internationally. It has offices strategically located throughout the major cities in Thailand including Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui and Phuket along with international representative offices in Australia, London and Las Vegas.

What You Need to Know About US Visas

If you plan to visit the US or want to live with your fiance or spouse in the US, you need to know how to enter the country legally. The following information will give you some highlights on what you need to know to make the journey easier while still complying with the law. Visas […]

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Was Your K-1 Visa Denied? Exploring Your Options

Also called a fiancé/fiancée visa, a K-1 visa permits a couple — a Thai citizen and US citizen — to enter the US to marry. This non-immigrant visa is designed for couples who have been together for two years who wish to marry in the US. Couples with a K-1 visa must marry within 90 […]

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My Thai fiancée is trying to get US citizenship. Is the K-1 visa the best option?

You are on the right track about selecting a K-1 visa, as this visa is known as a fiancé/fiancée visa. If you use this visa for US entry, you probably are planning to live in the US after you are married. This visa, which is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department (USCIS), […]

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Brief Guide to IR-1 Visa Applications for Foreign Spouses

To a great number of people around the world, the United States seems to offer the possibility of obtaining a better income and life quality. And it is no wonder that many dreamt of moving to the US to look for a greener pasture. Luckily to those who have relatives in this country, they can […]

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U.S. K3 Visa vs CR1 Visa

Both of these processes are ingrained in the fact that the U.S. citizen and the foreigner married outside the U.S. with the intention to bring the foreign spouse to the U.S. Spouses of U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for K-3 Spouse Visa or CR-1 Spouse Visa. Both visas require that the couple are LEGALLY […]

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How Visa Officers Decide to Approve or Reject Your U.S. Visitor Visa Application

Preparation is the key. But after an applicant prepares a mountain of supporting documents during the interview, there’s a chance that the consular officer won’t even look at the documents. So how can a visa applicant control the outcome, or at least increase the chances of a successful B1/B2 U.S. Visa Application in Thailand? Once […]

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What Guarantees U.S. Tourist Visa Issuance?

Every visa applicant wants an absolute control on the result of U.S. visa interview. While each individual applicant’s situation is different, each U.S. post is different, so as the discretion of each consular officer. What then gives a favorable result? Visa Interview Questions in English Be prepared to answer questions in English. During interview, there […]

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Can I Visit the US for a Temporary Travel while I wait for my K1 Fiancée visa?

K1 Fiancée Visa is the type of visa with the intent of petitioning the foreigner fiancée, travel to US and register marriage. This takes a long time to process, usually 6 months or even more. It begins with the US petitioner filing I-129 Fiancée petition to the USCIS. But what if the couple can’t stand […]

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Denied B1/B2 Visa and How It Affects Your K-1 Visa Application

With the goal of travelling to the U.S., couples in serious relationships (with one party being a U.S. citizen) – the other party must try their luck to apply for B1/B2 Tourist Visa. The outcome is surely DENIED if, upon further probing of the Consular Officer during the Tourist Visa interview, with questions such as […]

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US Visa Application: Proof of Strong Social Ties

What is Strong Social Ties and how can this prove that I will return to Thailand at the end of my Visit? For B1/B2 (US Tourist Visa), the evaluation process centers on presenting strong social ties in Thailand. Social ties are the reasons that would compel a visa applicant to return to his or her […]

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