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Was Your K-1 Visa Denied? Exploring Your Options

Also called a fiancé/fiancée visa, a K-1 visa permits a couple — a Thai citizen and US citizen — to enter the US to marry. This non-immigrant visa is designed for couples who have been together for two years who wish to marry in the US. Couples with a K-1 visa must marry within 90 […]

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My Thai fiancée is trying to get US citizenship. Is the K-1 visa the best option?

You are on the right track about selecting a K-1 visa, as this visa is known as a fiancé/fiancée visa. If you use this visa for US entry, you probably are planning to live in the US after you are married. This visa, which is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services department (USCIS), […]

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U.S. K3 Visa vs CR1 Visa

Both of these processes are ingrained in the fact that the U.S. citizen and the foreigner married outside the U.S. with the intention to bring the foreign spouse to the U.S. Spouses of U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for K-3 Spouse Visa or CR-1 Spouse Visa. Both visas require that the couple are LEGALLY […]

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Can I Visit the US for a Temporary Travel while I wait for my K1 Fiancée visa?

K1 Fiancée Visa is the type of visa with the intent of petitioning the foreigner fiancée, travel to US and register marriage. This takes a long time to process, usually 6 months or even more. It begins with the US petitioner filing I-129 Fiancée petition to the USCIS. But what if the couple can’t stand […]

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Denied B1/B2 Visa and How It Affects Your K-1 Visa Application

With the goal of travelling to the U.S., couples in serious relationships (with one party being a U.S. citizen) – the other party must try their luck to apply for B1/B2 Tourist Visa. The outcome is surely DENIED if, upon further probing of the Consular Officer during the Tourist Visa interview, with questions such as […]

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Bringing a Thai Child to United States

Are you planning to take your child to the US? A US Citizen who became a stepparent, fiance of a Thai citizen, adopted parent, or an extended family member of a Thai child can also bring his/her child with him/her to the United States using various US visa types for children. K1 with the derivative […]

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