K1 Visa Interview at the U.S Embassy Bangkok

K1 Visa Interview The final step of your K1 visa application process is the visa interview at the U.S Embassy in Bangkok. The primary purpose of the interview is to make sure your relationship with your American fiance is sincere and that you intend to marry.

You will be required to swear or certify that you have read and understood the visa application and that all the statements in the application and made during the interview are true. The interviewer will decide whether you are eligible for the visa. If the K1 visa application is approved, the visa will be available at the Embassy in about two business days.

The Interview Process

Before you go to the interview, make sure you have all of the required documents ready.  K1 visas will not be granted unless the Embassy has all the required documents.  You should bring the original copies of documents already submitted.  You should also bring home videos, photos, emails, letters, instant message chats, and phone records to show what your relationship is like.  If you have an interview invitation letter, bring it too.

There is no reason to be nervous about the K1 visa interview.  Many questions have no right answers.  Questions are asked for many reasons.  Some are asked to judge the sincerity of your marriage plans while others are asked to verify that the application forms are correct.


The interviewer may ask questions to make sure you know your fiance well enough to make an informed decision to marry.  You do not need to know the answer to every question, it is enough to know your fiance well enough to want to marry. Visa officers may also ask about your relationship and wedding plans.


It is important that you both know about any previous marriages.  If these marriages were not disclosed on the application, it will raise red flags.

Visa officers may ask about your children and your fiance’s children.  If you are pregnant the visa officer may ask additional questions. If one party is unaware of the other party’s children it may result in visa denial. The visa officer may ask about international travel.  If you have overstayed a previous U.S. visa, your visa may be denied.  Visa officers can check records to verify answers, so be truthful!


U.S. law requires visa officers to ask you if an international marriage broker helped you meet your fiance to make sure the marriage broker complied with U.S. regulations.  A marriage broker is a matchmaking organisation that charges a fee to help foreigners meet U.S. citizens. Visa officers also must inform you if your fiance has any restraining orders or criminal convictions.  After the visa officer tells you, you will be asked if you still want to get married.


Interview Tips


Most interview appointments take place in the morning, starting at 7 or 8 AM.  Be sure to arrive on time!  If you are late, your appointment might be cancelled or it could annoy the visa officer.  Eat a good breakfast because some interviews can last several hours. Practice answering questions in English.  Interviews are conducted in English, and if the visa officer cannot understand you, he or she may cancel the interview or doubt your relationship is real.

If you don’t know an answer, forget a date or didn’t understand the question, make sure to tell the visa officer. The visa officer may also be able to restate the question in a way you can understand. You can also ask the visa officer to speak slowly.



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