What Guarantees U.S. Tourist Visa Issuance?

Every visa applicant wants an absolute control on the result of U.S. visa interview. While each individual applicant’s situation is different, each U.S. post is different, so as the discretion of each consular officer. What then gives a favorable result?

Visa Interview Questions in English

Be prepared to answer questions in English. During interview, there will be interaction between the applicant and the consular officer. Visa interview is conducted in English language. Common questions include plans upon arrival to the U.S., purpose of trip, your job, personal information, family, finances, and other ties to your home country. The applicant is strongly advised to practice English conversation prior to interview.

It is also important to create a positive impression from the onset of the interview. You only have few precious minutes, it is critical to the success of the interview if you will answer each question concisely, clearly, honestly and consistently.

The main purpose of the interview is to convince the consular officer that you are indeed traveling to the U.S. for tourism and that you will not work there or overstay.

Supporting Documentations

Each information you filled out in your DS-160 online form must be backed by supporting documents. Bring all original documents during your interview. As the consular officer ask questions, hand over the document that supports the truthfulness of your statements.

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