Thailand Privilege Visa: Travel Privileges

Thailand Privilege Visa Travel Privileges

If you enjoy taking trips throughout the Kingdom, a Thailand Privilege Visa is a very enticing option. Membership includes a multitude of features such as privilege points and complimentary benefits that empower you to live your best Thailand life.

There are five different kinds of privileges available including stay, travel, leisure, health & wellness, and wealth. “Travel Privileges,” the focus of this article, enable you to explore the country in comfort and style.

The kind of perks offered under the “Travel” category consist of:

Airport Transfer Service

Airport transfers allow members to be escorted from the airport to their accommodation in luxury vehicles without needing to deal with taxis or shuttles. There are many different vehicle options to choose from:

  • If you’re getting off an international flight, you can choose between a luxury or premium car, or a van.
  • If you’re getting off a domestic flight, a premium car and van are available. 
  • If you’re looking to drive upcountry to another province (either Chiang Mai, Phuket or Koh Samui), you can choose between a premium car or a van.

Airport transportation and transfer services cost between 1-3 points, depending on the travel distance to your destination and the vehicle of your choosing.

Other Transportation Services

It’s not just vans and cars that Thailand Privilege members can make use of. There are many other forms of transportation perks that cost points or are permanent benefits. Members can enjoy:

  • Electric Tuk-Tuks Rides (2 points)
  • Special rates on Private Cruises (no points)
  • Special rates on Rent-A-Car services (no points)

VIP Airport Lounge Access

Flights can be long, tiring, and arduous for many travelers. To stretch your weary legs and battle against the encroaching might of jet-lag, you can access one of the various VIP lounges in Thailand’s airports. These include:

  • The Miracle Lounges (1 point)
  • The Coral Executive Lounge (1 point)

Luggage Storage and Deliveries

If you haven’t got the energy or vehicle space to bring your luggage with you to the hotel, you can also request a luggage delivery service to transport your belongings, providing a great alternative for you to avoid any unnecessary legwork.

Airportels, a leading luggage delivery service in Thailand, provides these services for Thailand Privilege members. You can redeem these services for a single point each (these are complimentary for Reserve members, however).

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