Thailand Privilege Visa: Stay Privileges

Thailand Privilege Visa Stay Privileges

The Thailand Privilege Visa is not just an easy way to live long-term in Thailand, but also a goldmine of top-of-the-line benefits that you can take advantage of. This membership program categorizes its many benefits into five different types of privileges. This article will focus on the “Stay Privileges”

Stay privileges exist to enhance your stay within Thailand while your visa and membership are still valid. These perks enable you to experience all that Thailand has to offer while staying at 5-star accommodations and alleviating stress with special discounts on hotel bookings. 

Here are examples of privileges that fall under the “Stay” category:

Free Hotel Nights

The main incentive to spend points on this type of privilege is free hotel stays. 

  • If you stay for 1 night at Baba Beach Club Natai or Dusit Hotels and Resorts, you can spend 1 privilege point to stay for an additional night free.
  • If you stay for 2 nights at Baba Beach Club Hua Hin or Sri Panwa, you can spend 1 privilege point to stay for an extra night free.

Special Hotel Discounts and Incentives

There are also certain benefits you can get that are earnable simply by having paid for your membership and ensuring it’s still active. Just by being a Thailand Privilege member, you get:

  • Special rates on rooms at select luxury establishments.
  • A discount on membership packages for Accor Plus, a hotel and resort chain with locations across the country (complimentary for Reserve Members). 

Elite Personal Liaison and Personal Assistance

For 1-2 points, you can acquire support in dealing with immigration authorities in Thailand. You can acquire the assistance of an Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) to:

  • Conduct 90-day reporting tasks on your behalf (1 point).
  • Assist you in opening a bank account or acquiring a driver’s license in Thailand (2 points).

NOTE: Members can only use the 90-day reporting service from Thailand Privilege while in Bangkok. For other provinces, you must consult:

  • Chiang Mai: Star Visa Service, HH Premium Consulting
  • Phuket: Phuket Legal Firm
  • Pattaya: N.A. Services (Thailand) Co. Ltd


Thailand Privilege also provides benefits for your family members, making it easier and more rewarding to build a new life in Thailand. A Thailand Privilege membership of any tier gives your family:

  • A 20% discount on services offered by Goodmove, a professional relocation company (only if you’re in Bangkok).
  • A 10% discount on hiring nanny and housekeeping services from Kiddu, a top-tier nursing agency.
  • A 50% discount on admission fees for enrolling your children into Pandayen International School.

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