Thailand Privilege Points System

Thailand Privilege Points System

Welcome to this overview on the Privilege Points, one of the new systems introduced alongside the Thailand Privilege Visa. I’m Talisa, the Immigration Service Manager for Siam Legal, and I’m here to talk to you more about what the privilege points entails. If you’re interested in applying for a Thailand Privilege Visa, you’d be happy to know that this is one of the major draws to the program.

Privilege Points are meticulously designed to allow you more flexibility on which perks to choose. Points can be spent on various different privileges, without any restrictions. Maybe you want the chance at free domestic flights throughout Thailand. Maybe you want free buy-1-get-1-free movie tickets. The world is your playground.

Each Thailand Privilege membership nets you a set number of points per year.

  • GOLD members earn 20 points per year,
  • PLATINUM members get 35, and
  • DIAMOND members are awarded 55.

If you were invited for the RESERVE membership plan, you will receive 120 points a year, the highest amount out of all the packages.

With these points, you can spend them on all sorts of privileges. Thailand Privilege has broken down the privileges into 5 different types:

  1. stay (meant for free hotel nights),
  2. travel (for ways to enhance your travels throughout Thailand),
  3. leisure (to help you enjoy your time in the country),
  4. well-being (to boost your health and fitness), and
  5. wealth (for advice on investing and saving your money).*

The amount of points needed for each privilege are as follows:

  • 1 point is usually required for perks such as airport transfers, dining discounts, spa packages, and free movie tickets.
  • 2 points are often needed for privileges such as health checkups, dental assessments, discounts on golf courses, and tickets to sporting events.
  • 3 points and more are often needed for certain privileges such as domestic roundtrip flights, private tours, health checkups, and tickets to world class concerts.

If you can see here, there is a detailed table showing how all these points have been broken down and how much you need for each benefit.

Be sure to save your privilege points however, because depending on your circumstances, you may need to spend these on hiring an Elite Personal Liaison to help set up your bank account or to acquire free support on your 90-day reporting.

The new privilege points system grants you so many benefits that makes it worth every penny (or in this case, Baht). As noted, it gives you more flexibility in the sense that you can choose any of the privileges to spend your points on, regardless of which membership you’ve chosen. Redeeming points is also a very simple procedure as you can simply just head over to that Thailand Privilege partnered establishment and spend them to your liking.

Thailand Privilege has partnered up with various establishments, including but not limited to companies such as:

  • Laguna Golf Phuket,
  • Mjets,
  • Major Cineplex,
  • Bangkok Hospital,
  • Mos Burger,
  • Pacific Cross, and
  • many more

In addition to this, your privilege points will reset every year. If you’re a PLATINUM member for example and spend 25 points in one year, at the start of the next year, you’ll be holding 35 points again. Any unused points will not be carried over to the next year, so it’s better to spend them all within one year and not waste them.

That’s it for our video today. Thank you for watching our video on privilege points and how to use them. If you’re interested in more insights into Thailand Privilege then please feel free to like and subscribe to our channel. Once again, I’m Talisa, and if you need my assistance, feel free to contact the number in the video description below.

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