Thailand Privilege Visa: Wealth Privileges

Wealth Privileges

Managing your finances while traveling is always a necessity. Under their “Wealth Privileges” category, the Thailand Privilege Elite Visa includes numerous benefits for members to leverage. 

As a Thailand Privilege member, you’ll be able to acquire an assortment of unique perks all aimed at enhancing your spending potential and alleviating all financial stress while in the country. Whether traveling solo or with friends and family, it’s always helpful to acquire privileges catered towards helping you manage and improve your wealth. These privileges include:

Bank Account Services

You can request assistance from an Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) to support you in opening a bank account. This service is redeemable for 1 privilege point, but can only be utilized at Kasikorn and Bangkok Bank branches. You’re also awarded a special rate for the banking fee and exchange rate at both banks. 

To begin, you’ll have to contact the Member Contact Center (MCC) and book a reservation at least 5 days in advance. As a member, you’ll need to present the following documents to the Elite Personal Liaison:

  • A valid passport that has been registered with Thailand Privilege
  • Either a valid Thailand Privilege Entry Visa or Special Entry Visa
  • Either a Membership card or a Membership Certificate Letter from Thailand Privilege
  • A Thai mobile phone number
  • A Thai home address


Thailand Privilege Company Co. Ltd has partnered up with Pacific Cross Insurance to distribute its insurance benefits amongst its members. These include complimentary privileges that you’ll be able to leverage without needing to spend a single privilege point: 

  • For Gold and Platinum members: 180 days Personal Accident Insurance
  • For Diamond and Reserve members: 365 days Personal Accident Insurance

NOTE: You can only use the complimentary personal accident insurance during the first year of your Thailand Privilege membership.

Additionally, you can also earn a free 10% discount on Pacific Cross Insurance solutions for the entirety of the first year of your insurance.

Investment and Wealth Seminars

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to manage your finances, alternative methods of accumulating wealth in today’s economy, or networking with financial professionals and experts in their fields, you can attend special investment and wealth seminars. These privileges are “member paid,” meaning you won’t need to invest any privilege points for it as long as you continue to maintain your membership with Thailand Privilege. 

These seminars are hosted by various reputable organizations not directly affiliated with Thailand Privilege. Thailand Privilege will notify you of upcoming events and seminars via email along with an invitation. 

Wealth Management and Personal Wealth Advisor 

If you would like professional, expert assistance with managing your funds, you can take advantage of perks that give you access to experienced financial advisers. There are two privileges available regarding personal wealth management and financial advisory:

  • For a single privilege point, you can attend a free 1-hour legal consultation session with TNY Legal, a law firm in Thailand. 
  • Regardless of the membership package you applied for, you are entitled to a free special discount on services provided by IWS Wealth Advisory Limited. 

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