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Welcome to the US visa and immigration blog maintained by Siam Legal’s immigration professionals. We will provide information about US immigration law, what you can expect from the visa application process and other topics related to going to the US from Thailand.

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Bringing a Thai Child to United States

Are you planning to take your child to the US? A US Citizen who became a stepparent, fiance of a Thai citizen, adopted parent, or an extended family member of a Thai child can also bring his/her child with him/her to the United States using various US visa types for children. K1 with the derivative […]

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Steps After the I-129F Petition for Alien Fiance is Approved

by | September 13, 2016 | US Fiancee Visa

What are the next steps after the I-129F petition for Alien Fiancée/e is approved? The USCIS will send the case to the National Visa Center (NVC) after the petition is approved for further processing. Once the case reaches the NVC, petitioner/ beneficiary will soon receive a case number and send the approved K visa package […]

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Adjustment of Status Timeline

The adjustment of status for permanent residency in the US can be claimed depending to the type of visa you had applied for. You cannot become a permanent resident using any of the non-immigrant visa categories though you can get a permanent resident using an immigrant visa. Generally, you can become a permanent resident based […]

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US Visa for Couples Outside Marriage

by | November 30, 2015 | US Tourist Visa

Under the US Immigration Law, there are restrictions for common-law couples. However, in 2011, the US government has amended the Visa Instruction Manual for household members of non-immigrant aliens who may not be qualified of obtaining such visa. With the amended Instruction Manual, they have the opportunity to travel together through the “B2” tourist visa. […]

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How To Get Advance Parole

by | September 29, 2015 | US Immigration

For you to be able to re-enter once you left the US, you must have an advance parole granted before you left the country. This is necessary if you are holding a non-immigrant visa or if you have a pending permanent resident application. Without it, you will not be permitted to re-enter the country unless […]

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The Social Security Number and Card

by | September 22, 2015 | US Immigration

Are you wondering why the US Government requires immigrants to secure a social security card or number? Social Security Number is very important in getting a job, acquiring social security benefits and in receiving some other government services. The Social Security Number is a 9 digit number assigned to individuals by the US government to […]

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False Claim to U.S. Citizenship

A recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals has put a light on the dangers of falsely claiming United States Citizenship. INA Section 212(a)(6)(C)(ii) states that any alien who falsely represents themselves to a U.S. citizen for any purpose or benefit will be inadmissible into the United States and removed from the United […]

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How do I bring my Fiance to the United States?

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can petition to bring your fiancé to the United States for the purpose of getting married. The U.S. government understands that the U.S. citizen and the fiancé might reside in different countries and want to avoid unnecessary travel or simply just want to get married in the United […]

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US Immigration: Lawfully Admitted

by | May 29, 2015 | US Immigration

The term “lawfully admitted” into the United States is an important term in U.S. immigration law. A person who has been lawfully admitted are accorded more benefits than individuals who entered the United States without inspection. Those who are lawfully admitted are provided benefits such as additional rights in removal proceedings, the right to adjust […]

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Employment Authorization for H-4 Dependent Spouses

On May 26, 2015, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service announced that dependent spouses of H-1b immigrants (H-4 Status) will be eligible to obtain employment authorization. In order to qualify they need to be the principal beneficiaries of their H-1b nonimmigrants who has an approved Employment Based Immigrant Petition (I-140). The second option are for […]

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