Thailand Privilege Visa vs LTR Visa

Thailand Privilege Visa vs LTR Visa

When it comes to looking for long-term visas, two that might catch your eye are likely to be the Thailand Privilege Visa or the Thai LTR Visa. But, of these options, which one is the ideal fit for you? This article will compare both visas side-by-side.

To begin, what is a Thailand Privilege Visa and a Thai LTR Visa? 

Thailand Privilege Visa

This is an Elite Tourist Visa allowing foreigners to stay for an extended period of time in Thailand. It also allows members to spend points to redeem for various privileges, all suited to enhance their journey. 

  • Cost: 900,000 THB to 2.5 Million THB
  • Validity: 5 to 15 years and 20 years (by invitation only)
  • Benefits:
    • Privilege Points ranging from 20 per year to 55 per year, giving the option for members to redeem for any benefit of their choice.
    • Expedited and stress-free application process.
    • Access to premium lanes at airports for immigration fast-tracking.
    • Can enter and exit Thailand for an unlimited number of times.
    • An Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) to greet and escort you at airports.
    • Member contact centre hotline to make arrangements and request help.
    • Complimentary benefits not requiring privilege points such as annual health checkups, leading restaurant discounts, personal accident insurance, etc.

Thailand LTR Visa

Also known as the Long-Term Residence Visa, this is aimed at foreign professionals looking for a long-term stay in the country and a chance to work during their respite. 

  • Cost: 50,000 THB
  • Validity: 10 years maximum
  • Benefits:
    • Allows the holder to apply for a work permit to work within the country
    • Allows for the holder to stay in Thailand long-term without interruption
    • Immigration fast-tracking at airports
    • Report to immigration every year instead of every 90 days
    • Can travel in and out of Thailand for an unlimited number of times
    • Personal income tax discounts

Comparing the two visas together

There are a multitude of ways in which the two visas can be compared and contrasted together. 

Which one is more flexible?

  • The Thai LTR Visa has 4 different streams to choose from. However, the applicant must meet the specific eligibility requirements for each one in order to qualify. The streams are as follows:
    • High-Income Foreign Individuals
    • High-Income Foreign Retirees
    • Foreign Working Professionals
    • Foreign Experts

Can I invest in Thailand on both visas?

  • The Thailand Privilege Visa does not have any strict investment requirements and allows for the holder to invest in certain properties or in the stock market.
  • The Thai LTR Visa has strict investment requirements that need to be met. 

Are there any financial requirements?

  • The Thailand Privilege Visa does not have any financial or income requirements that applicants will need to fulfil.
  • The Thai LTR Visa does require that the applicant meet a certain income level or hold a certain amount in finances. 

Do I need to pay taxes?

  • The Thailand Privilege Visa does not require the holder to pay taxes in Thailand. The holder can choose to pay Thai taxes voluntarily, however.
  • The Thai LTR Visa does require that the holder pay taxes if they are earning any income through working or investing in the country. Despite this, it also includes some tax incentives. 

Can I bring along my family members?

  • The Thailand Privilege Visa includes the PLATINUM and DIAMOND packages which allow for family members to be added for a price (1 Million THB per member for PLATINUM and 1.5 Million per member for DIAMOND).
  • The Thai LTR Visa allows for holders to bring along up to 4 family members along with them to Thailand.

Which one will allow me to work?

  • The Thailand Privilege Visa does not permit holders to work in the country and they cannot acquire a Thai work permit. However, there are no restrictions against working remotely for an overseas-based company.
  • The Thai LTR Visa allows for holders to work and to acquire a Thai work permit.

Which VIP Services do I get?

  • The Thailand Privilege Visa offers a large number of VIP services and perks. Enjoy immigration fast-tracking, having your own personal assistance, and various complimentary discounts. In addition, you can spend privilege points on:
    • Free bank account, driver’s licence, and 90-day reporting assistance
    • Free Hotel Nights
    • Free tickets for movie theatres, concerts and sporting events
    • Annual health and dental checkups
    • Access to VIP lounges at airports
    • Airport transfers via limousines
  • The Thai LTR Visa does not host as many VIP services for its holders. Owners of the visa can enjoy immigration fast-tracking at airports, a discounted personal income tax, and the need to only report to immigration every year rather than every 90 days. 

Which Long stay visa to choose?

Choosing between the two visas is dependent on your personal circumstances. Foreign Nationals interested in either should weigh their financial situation, ideal length of stay, whether they would like to work or invest in the country, and how fitting the benefits are to them. 

For tourists and retirees, the Thailand Privilege Visa may seem ideal due to its low barrier of entry, easy application process, and numerous VIP-level perks. Despite the high cost, it offers a more straightforward, long-stay solution to anyone that can afford it.

On the other hand, it may be worth applying for the Thai LTR Visa for the affordability and the fact that it lets you work and earn income while in Thailand. This is a far better option for foreigners moving to Thailand for the purpose of investing, starting a business or to work for a company based in the Land of Smiles.

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