What Causes U. S. Visa Application Refused?

Generally, all visa applicants are subject to go through an interview with U.S. consulate officer and be informed with the final verdict of its visa application, whether it’s approved or denied. The decision given by the U.S. immigration officer after evaluating the relevant information submitted by the applicant to any visa category is based on the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act established in different States of America.

The rate of the visa applications approval and denial are mainly weighted with vast rules and standards in accordance with various U.S. Immigration Laws. Essential reasons why some of the visa applications get refused are predominantly precipitated with the following major basis:

  1. Inadmissibility / Ineligibility

    The U.S. Immigration Laws has heterogeneous sections that will be pointed to the applicant in the event that the visa application to a specific category is refused. The applicant may be adjudged with a lifetime bar or conditional bar if found inadmissible, depends on the grounds of their inadmissibility. To check the factors of inadmissibility, check with USCIS website or consult any U.S. Immigration Lawyers.

  2. Misrepresentation

    This also means lying to immigration and/ or giving false information. The applicant may also be lifetime barred or certain period of years if precluded with evidence of deemed misrepresentations of his vitalities. Be careful. Thou shall not lie!

  3. Crime Convictions

    Variations of crime conviction hinge on the degree of its felony. Certain previous unlawful acts may lead to a permanent impermissibility to travel to the United States. The USCIS has all the rights to conduct criminal background check of the applicant’s being and/or require visa applicants to obtain police certification.

  4. Fraud Intention/Claim

    Falsification of documents especially civil documents and/or claiming false identification has a ground of a lifetime bar. Some instance happens when a foreign applicants got married to a U.S. citizen for the purpose of green card application.

  5. Being Irresponsible

    As the applicant, you are deemed responsible to all acts proceeding to the application. Without initiative to secure copies of all original documents may sometimes lead to frustrations, long awaits, and worst – refusal of the visa application. Applicants are suggested to use a reliable courier of their choice and keep track on the packet once mailed out to the respective U.S. Immigration office.

There may be numerous rationale as to how and why visa applications are being spurned by the U.S. Immigration officer based on the Immigration Law sets forth by the Immigration of the United States of America. There are more factors that causing denial of visa applications even like the basics – submitting incomplete package, forgetting to sign immigration forms and etc.

In the event that you are currently applying for any visa category, whether it’s for non-immigrant or immigrant visa application, I suggest to seek advice of a competent attorney specializing in U.S. Immigration Laws.


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