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Cassie Polo is an article contributor and a frequent writer of Siam Legal US Visa Blog. She talks about immigration services and other immigration-related matters. Right now, Cassie assists applications for Canadian Visa and U.S. Visa at one of the law firms in Thailand.

What Causes U. S. Visa Application Refused?

Generally, all visa applicants are subject to go through an interview with U.S. consulate officer and be informed with the final verdict of its visa application, whether it’s approved or denied. The decision given by the U.S. immigration officer after evaluating the relevant information submitted by the applicant to any visa category is based on […]

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U.S. Tourist Visa: How to Make your Chances of Approval Higher

For those foreign nationals who are not exempted from the Visa Waiver Program, they need to secure a tourist visa (B1 or B2) to travel to the United States for short visits, either for business or pleasure. Examples include tourism, vacation, visiting family and friends, medical treatment, business meeting, attending a business workshop, or personal […]

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